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This makes me so Mad!!!

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My Sister saw a Siamese looking Cat outside then she heard a splash. He fell in the Swimming pool and she saved him. She wrapped him in a Towel and took him to his Apartment. A mom and a little Girl answered the doore and they said this. All they said was chaaaase. And laughed. They should not have Cats. She let him outside again.
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Aww. Poor kitty. I would steal him..they obviously don't seem to care.
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Ditto that! Those people do not deserve that cat..give it to someone that cares and will not let him out
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What idiots!!!
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Some people just make you so mad. I would have been so thankful.
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Thankfully that cat is okay! Good thing your sister was there
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What morons!!!

Glad the kitty was saved.
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I think those people should not have Cats. My Sister is going to watch for him. She wrapped him in a towel and tried to dry him off before she gave him back to them.
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Are you sure someone didn't toss the cat in the pool? I have a hard time picturing a cat just falling in. At my old house we had an inground pool and Ashten (RIP) and Siam were indoor/outdoor cats. Ashten used to go to the edge of the pool and dip his paw in for a drink! Neither cat ever once fell in the pool during the 11 years they lived there.
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Dont Know I will ask my Sister. I wonder if she can report the people.
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I've had 2 cats drown in my neighbors above ground pool that was left half filled. I went over in the middle of the night with a sharpened stick and repaired the bottom of their pool for them. It was a skeeter pool anyway.
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Yeah I was thinking it would be weird for a cat to just fall in too..they are pretty smart and dainty when walking around.

In any case, I'm glad the cat was saved that time.
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I sure hope it dosent happen again. My Sister wont be there all the time to save him. He also almost got hit by a Car.
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