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Mine who have already crossed

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I have'nt yet lost my little girl, but there have been cats before her. These cats arnt in any real order since I have a bad memory.

There was:

Specks: He was shot

FE: Too young to recall/possible runaway or killed

Socks: I think he went off to find his brother and my sister's cat, since he left and never came home.

Spazz: Died from antifreeze posisoning

Spencer: (Step sister's cat)I think her tumour did her in. I found her dead under the porch after I got home from school...and I had a friend over too.

Tyson: (Sister's cat) Got under the hood of the truck...enough said.

Cody: My warrior cat stright from the book series. He had missing bits of his ears, battle scars, and such. He just simply never came home. To make me feel better he left his kittypet live with this twoleg to be a warrior.
Thou Im certain now he's being treated as an elder.
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Sorry you lost so many. I have too. should I list them all?
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Go for it if you'd like.

Yeah that was thru the course of my childhood however. I cant live without a cat (obviously)
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Here is my list. I will start with mine first
Yoshi Pts Jan 11 from Kidney Stones at age 5
Stormy Pts Dec 5th fron Kidney Failure, I didnt even know she was sick until I found her almost dead. We went to the vet very fast but they said they could not save her and to have her Pts. I waited hoping she would get better. She was only 5 too.
Smokey age 11 was a Feral we caught 9/6/05
Stripe another Feral we saved as a Kitten. She had Borderline Cancer at age 4 but beat it. Then she got Cfr and i did everything for her. She was 11 when she was Pts 9/27/02
Patches another feral we saved. Was only 6 when she died at the Er Vet from Crf. 11/26/98 which was Thanksgiving
Lucy age 11 died on way to Er She kept needed blood Transfusions and the Vet never knew why. 8/20/01
Butterscotch only 4 but i got her as a very weak Kitten died on Valentines Day 1994
Patches died age 9 3/8/89
Family Pets
Frisky my first Cat was on 1 and died from male Blockage 2/22/79
Whiskers 11/10/79 Kittens 1979
Manx age 11 Cancer and a Seizer killed her 8/25/93
Whiskers died at age 9 2/8/88
My Brothers Cats
Bogart Male Blockage 3/10/80
Frisky died 3 Weeks after my Mom 9/28/99
Kittens my brother had
My Sisters Kitten Mysique
Ferals we tried to save but couldnt becaus ethey were just 2 young
Simba my Sisters Cat
I lost so amny ferals young to Kidney
The Vet said they were Prob born that way
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Oh wow...that's a pretty long list!
It's amazeing how much we remeber our old friends and how many we've had in our lives.
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I can't remember when all my parents cats died But i'll light a candle for all the babies in this thread

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When Frisky died I thought I could never love a Cat like that again.
Then my Patches was born in June 3rd and she became my fav.
When Patches died 2 months later we found ferals and Stripe was one of them.
Stripe became my Fav.
When I was told Stripe had Crf and would live about a year we did all the treatments for her.
My Brothers Cat had Kittens and I picked Meeko because she looks alot like Stripe did but she has Orange. Stripe was Pts when Meeko was 3 Months
Meeko is so much like Stripe and will be 8 this June
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RIP to all of them.......
My condolences....
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