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Otis is 9 months old now and has a very bad habit. He'll go from rubbing his head like crazy all over you then next thing you know he's biting. He purrs the entire time, like he enjoys it! But he puts his ears back like he wants to be mean. I don't think he's trying to be mean but it's like he can't control himself. He is fixed and still has his claws. His claws aren't a problem other than our one chair. He is very gentle with his claws but his biting is becoming a problem and we have to tell our guests to be aware. How can we stop him from doing this? We tell him "no" in a stern voice and he acknowledges his wrong doing but he still does it.

also, we just put "soft paws" on him. Oh my, what a task that was! But he did the biting thing way before this. My question about the soft paws is do these things hurt cats. They seem like they prevent the claw from retracting fully and i'm worried about abrasion where they meet with his folds of skin on his toes. I think these things are ridiculously priced but they seem very nice so far. any input? thank you.
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Sadly Im not sure.
My only guess is that he does'nt have enough toys or attention. Im not saying you dont, dont get me wrong, it's just a thought. My cat does this too, except she's mean about it.
I have'nt heard of soft paws before so I have no idea. Hope Im helping some.
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Spike used to bite whenever I picked him up. He bit hard too! AS soon as he would bite, I would make a sound, uhuhuh(whatever you say is fine, just be consistant) and put him down immediately. You can indicate it hurts, but that and a no, and then down, and ignored. He never bites me anymore, but he and the boys get into it once in awhile, and I know he is sinking those teeth into them. I am surprised there is no broken skin.

You need to watch for signals and prevent the biting from happening, so he will unlearn that behavior. If the tail is swishing, or the ears are back, move away.

Also, you should never play with a cat or kitten with your bare hand. this teaches them to bite you. Always use a toy.

If you are consitant, he will stop. I can pick up spike anytimeI want to now, and he is an angel.
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It's often an over-stimulation thing. Try to watch him for "triggers" before he'll bite. Once you see a trigger, stop & move away so he cannot bite you.
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