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Holistic dry cat food

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I haven't been to the board in quite a while. In the interim I've began feeding all my cats Life's Abundance cat food. I tried the others, i.e., Solid Gold, Wellness, etc., but I couldn't get all the cats to eat it. Life's Abundance is the only one they will all eat. Anyone out there have any cat food stories they'd like to share. I'm always interested in hearing about foods as they are so important to the cats good health.
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Solid Gold worked for my cats.
I have a harder time getting my cats to eat holistic foods, compaired to low grade brands who just used a lot of ingredients for platability (aka to trick owners into thinking it must be a great food because their pets gobble it down.) IMO!

My cats look better then ever on Solid Gold. They'd eat it as a treat, but it took them about 3 days to accept it as a real meal in the bowl every day. Now they eat it with no problem, my Isha who was ALWAYS skinny for 3 years, has finally started to put on weight, and now she looks perfect. Asim has beefed up with even more muscle mass and firmness, (which I didn't think was possible) and Tagies has started to loose his little belly.
Wonderful food! And it's not too heavily priced, at least not at the store I find it. About a 15 pound bag (I think) for $20.00 + tax.
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A lot of the brands available there aren't here. My cat loves Solid Gold and Felidae dry food. He'll eat California Natural, but isn't too crazy about it. Otherwise he gets Nutro, Eukanuba, Iams or Hill's, but I have a bit more confidence in the Felidae or Solid Gold.
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I switched my Loki to Life's Abundance 2 months ago because of his food allergies and this is the only thing where he consistanctly has great poops. If on anything else, Science Diet for sensitive stomaches did work for a little while, he has bloody diarreah.

I consider this my god's sent and will promote/recommend it to the highest!

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