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My snuggling babies

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I think Sundae is the purrfect addition to our kitty family...

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sooo cute!
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Awww that first pic is a kitty heart! They are too precious for words.
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Look at those pretty babies. Looks like the new kitty is fitting right in.
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Sundae fits in there perfectly!
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awww how sweet
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Awww, that is so sweet!
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Those photos are so precious Love snuggling kitties! They look so cute together
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oh my gosh, those pics are beyond precious!!!!
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OMG that is so sweet, I bet you are so proud of your babies for taking her in like that Awwww
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Very sweet pictures! Your kitties are gorgeous!
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That is soo adorablee. I'm so glad your new little baby is fitting right in. They're all so precious.
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Oh! A pile of kitties!!!
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