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Not-so-great show in CO.

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I was so excited for this show, in Brighton, CO, because:

1) I was finally going to see Star (Wildtracks Night Crossing), that Ocicat that I hope to adopt soon.
2) My kitten was going to show in HHP.
3) We were going to take care of our friends' three Tonkinese cats.

But...of course, since this is my week from hell, nothing went well for me.

My kitten was HORRIBLE. Yes, it was his first show, but I have NEVER seen such a naughty cat, EVER. I ended up only showing him in three rings, out of eight, because he simply could not be handled. Out of the three rings, TWICE I had to take him out of the show cage and put him on the table for the judge, because they were too afraid to handle him. Needless to say, he got last place, out of six cats all three times. Also needless to say, I did not show him the second day; I left him at home. And everyone says that I've gotten him lots of socialization; he comes to school with me a lot, and gets handled there a lot.

The three Tonks were good, except for Isadora, who was in heat the night we had her over. -_- Also needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night.

THEN it snowed the next day, Sunday. It was -supposed- to be nice and sunny. It was cold and windy, and snowy, all day. I'm sick today. -_-

At the end of the Sunday, Sue, the Ocicat breeder-friend of ours, told me that someone else was interested in Star, -my- Ocicat. She then said there was another Oci girl who is "just like Star", and maybe I could have her instead of Star. I honestly feel crushed. I don't want any other Oci. I have made tons of exceptions for -STAR-, and if I can't have her, I don't want any other.

This was supposed to the the good weekend that broke the bad-luck streak I've been having this last week. I'd call this weekend a failure.
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I'm so sorry you had a bad week and show

Things will be better!
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Thanks, Abymummy. =<

I thought of you this weekend, by the way, because we have to go find the lady we know who breeds Abys, since she runs the clerking school around here. We asked one of our show friends who to ask, and he said, "Ask the Aby Breeder, Cheryl", and I said, "Oh, the abymummy!" and he nodded. =3 And then I thought "Wait, that's that nice Aby lady on the cat forum...oops. =3"
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I'm sorry that things didn't go better. Maybe you will still end up getting Star
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Sorry you had a bad time Can you put down a deposit on Star to secure her as yours?
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Sorry you had a bad time Can you put down a deposit on Star to secure her as yours?
v_v I don't have a job at the moment...And I don't think I'm capable, at this point, to juggle a job and full-time school, especially with internship coming up soon.

I just sent her an email, though, telling her how I feel...I hope she responds soon...
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Good luck But you never know, perhaps you would like the other Oci. I didn't even meet 2 of mine until the day I picked them up (different state) and they fit in perfectly.
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I know...but I don't want any other than Star, if I can have her. If I can't, then I'll just wait until I find another Oci that I feel so strongly about. Star smacked me in the face (sometimes literally <3) with her wonderful personality, and she's who I want.
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I recall my first show...

Our shows are vetted and guess who forgot the vet cards??? Me! The cats did so badly, and when I finally did manage to get a final (only 1 out of 5 rings) I didn't even know! Someone came running out to me saying "Oi! Stevie finalled!"

Not so great starts have fine endings hon, don't worry!

You will get your cat. May not be Star but it may be fated that you get one just as special. Have faith!

PS. Thanks for thinking of me!
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This brings back memories for me.

I lived in Colorado for 26 years. In the mid 1980's I went to a cat show and fell in love with the Scottish Folds. We met a breeder there and we wound up buying our first pure breed cat. I bought her as show quality and she was a beautiful fold. She had the really tight double folded ears and was a a silver tabby(I still have photos of her, I don't have a scanner or I would post them). I was so hyped and excited to be able to show my cat. Shatazar was a very sweet girl at home, so off I go to show my cat in the Foot of the Rockies cat show. I experienced the same thing that you did with your kitty. My cat was so nasty in the cage that the judges were scared to take her out. I almost died when the judges said "would the owner of this cat please come and take this cat out of her cage" This happened in all her rings that day, and the next day was no better. I did eventually get her to champion which was a feat in it's self with her naughty behavior at cat shows. She was never going to change her cat show disposition to go any further.
I wanted one of those big ribbons so bad for one of my cats so I took my special HHP to a few shows and he actually won his HHP division in Loveland Colorado in 1992 I still have his plaque they gave me at the end of the show.
At that point I decided that cat showing wasn't for me, however I do like to go to them as a observer and watch all the beautiful different breeds of cats!!
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Yup, Abbycats, that was the exact feeling of dread I had. The second time the judge told called for me, I was already standing, ready for him to ask me to take him out.

It's funny that Stratus, the kitten, was SO sweet when I finally came home to him Sunday night, after leaving him behind. He LOOOOVED on me...=3 It was like he was sorry, but showing just wasn't his "thing".
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It was just one of those things Sorry the weekend was not a good one.

Don't feel bad on the HHP. Ling hates cat shows and other cats - she's fine at home with visitors. And she's such a pretty marked cat too. She only went in 3 rings before we pulled her at her first and only show.

And really sorry about the Oci. I know you were looking forward to Star. But don't discount the breeders suggestion with the other Oci I'd wait and see what happens after you move and get settled. IMO unless the other person wanted to show Star, then you should have first choice as a pet - but I'm not the breeder.

Oci's are addicting and I'm sure another one will come along soon that you would like. I put in for a 2nd Oci (cinnamon or cinnamon-silver) - neutered show male kitten - but don't expect him until next year in the spring. Told the breeder I'd wait for the right kitten.
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I went to my first show over the weekend. The showing part went really well, but the weather was crazy! First the person I came with told me it was 50 degrees and sunny outside (of course, while I'm stuck in the show hall) then when he left to get lunch, it started pouring HARD. They announced that if anyone had a car in the lower lot (bottom of a hill) they should move it immediately because the lot was flooding! Then later when we were leaving, the temperature had dropped to freezing.
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Yep. Not all shows go well. Last year at our Regional Show, our stud got very upset and decided we would not stay out of the litterbox. The stresses of showing got to him pretty bad, it caused bladder inflamation. His show career ended that day.

This past weekend our other stud developed a Gastric disturbance that caused vomiting and Diaherria. We had to remove him from the last two rings. We left so suddenly that we missed getting a final. He was given meds that night and was better for the next day. In fact he got a 6th best.

Showing a cat that loves it makes it so much fun. We are fortunate that both Wild Bill (the stud that showed this last weekend) and our Aby, Nala, LOVE showing.
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I got a good reply from Sue this morning! =D

"Hi Kat, no you are not being pushy. It is nice you care about Star so much. I didn't mean to let someone else have her if you definitely wanted her but since Jan. someone contact me who said they definitely wanted her.
I don't mind going back on my agreement with them since you saw her first. They can take another cat if they want. will probably be the end of the summer or even end of the year before I part with her. I want to show her some more, even after she grands. Also, she is very pushy, aggressive towards other cats. You might take her for a couple of weeks when I don't plan on showing her to even see if it has a chance of working out. Sue

So...YAY. It's perfect! I'm going to write her back soon, telling her how perfect it all is; I couldn't really keep Star with me until I moved, anyway, which will be at the end of the year! =D So, if everything goes well when she comes here for a couple of weeks, whenever that will be, I'll be able to have her when I move! <333333

I'm so glad this week is being better than last week! <33
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Now see it turned out fine. That's what I said - if you really wanted her, the breeder should offer her to you first. Maybe Sue will accept a small deposit to hold her for you?
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I wanna see how she'll do at my house, before I do anything like that, since I have a very limited supply of monies at this time (I just got paid for two house/animal babysitting jobs). And besides, I think Sue really knows now how I feel about Star, and how crushed I would be if she gave her away right out from under me.
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You'd probably have to pay for her even during the trial period wouldn't you?

Farley came to me on trial and I paid before he was shipped, had in writing that I could return him for a full refund. I think the breeder and I both knew that wouldn't happen
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Uhh, actually, guys...I'm pretty sure she's free to me. =x No price has been even mentioned, nor hinted at, for her, for me. I'll offer monies, anyway, but I don't know if she'll take it. =/
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well i think money is nothing when it comes to my babies. i am not going to sell any of mine no matter how much money people offer. On the other hand, if someone really love them and find them irreplacible then i might consider letting him to visit once in a while if he wants (but still won't sell any of them since i will miss them toooooo much if i don't see them everyday=P) i am sure star's breeder isn't looking for money from you but more for love towards star!!
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Some breeders will ask for a nominal fee to cover the costs of spaying/neutering and/or update on shots. Unless you know the person well (like in this case) - breeders don't hand over "free" cats. If you put a price tag on them, people tend to take a little better care of them.

Think of the "Free Kittens" signs you see on the highway/neighborhoods/grocery stores - do you really think that every person that gets a free kitten will really take good care of it?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Some breeders will ask for a nominal fee to cover the costs of spaying/neutering and/or update on shots. Unless you know the person well (like in this case) - breeders don't hand over "free" cats. If you put a price tag on them, people tend to take a little better care of them.

Think of the "Free Kittens" signs you see on the highway/neighborhoods/grocery stores - do you really think that every person that gets a free kitten will really take good care of it?
I actually said that exact same thing, when trying to persuade someone not to just give away their free puppies for Easter last year.

Thankfully, Star is over five years old, and already spayed, so I don't have to worry about spay fees. =D
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