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Molly has said her goodbyes

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Molly is a kitty I haven't had occasion to meet. She owns a friend of mine. J mentioned a while ago that Molly had "something" on her chin, and I immediately thought of acne, and the number of times that's been in discussion around here. So I found some threads and suggested J start there to see if there was anything that she and her vet hadn't thought of/tried. Our conversation came out of her frustration that the problem didn't seem to be responding to anything.

Well, last night J told me that Molly has cancer. The vet is certain that there's more than just the chin, but without extensive diagnostics can't say where or what the prognosis is. They talked about options/courses of action -- most aggressive, moderately aggressive, least aggressive. They decided that, since Molly is 14, putting her through the necessary diagnostics might well be too stressful, and might only reveal that there isn't a whole lot to be done. So J decided to follow the least aggressive path, putting Molly on prednisone, in the hope that it will slow things down, and give them some good time. Molly, apart from the messy chin which brought the problem to light, seems perfectly normal in her habits and demeanor, so hopefully it hasn't progressed too far and they will have longer than J fears. I don't think the vet has speculated about how long it might be.

Anyway, all that by way of giving a little background to my request for the magic TCS for Miss Molly, if you can spare some.

I don't know if J will join us here. She's got a pretty full plate, but you never know.
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My prayers are with your friend and her Miss Molly.
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Prayers for them
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Sending lots of vibes!
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for Molly and J!
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Unlimited :vibes For Molly & J! Hope everything is going to be okay
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Sending prayers to your friend and Miss Molly
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For Miss Molly, J and you Fran, for being a caring friend...
calm, loving vibes are on the the way.
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Awww the poor baby Lot's of mega healthy healing heading over for Miss Molly
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Awww poor Molly...many vibes and prayers
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Sending my positive energy and healing light along with everyone else's for Molly, J and hugs to you Fran. You are a such a good friend.
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Adding my healing energy for Molly and J.
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Love to Miss Molly.
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The very strongest vibes for Miss Molly.
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No new news on Molly. I saw J last night. I sent her a link to this thread and she was very touched at the response.
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Well, Molly and J have had some time, but tonight this email...

"Friends - I took my beloved cat, Molly, to the vet today and had her put to sleep. She was in pain, tired and sick and she told me that it was time to say "Good-bye" (and no, she was NOT a Sarah Brightman fan!). She blessed me with her presence and her love for nearly 4 years and I will remember her as a prodigious purrer, a confirmed cuddler and a dedicated diner on . . . well, preferably anything that smelled like fish. Both of us thank you for your gentleness with her when you visited and your thoughts, prayers and kindness during this most recent difficult time. I will miss her greatly. She was thirteen and a half."

Pray for them as Molly makes her way to the Bridge, please, and I'll take TCS with me when I see J on Thursday.

RIP sweet Molly
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i certainly don't envy your having to make that hardest of decisions, J, but you did the loving thing in sparing Molly anymore pain...
Molly - play happily over the bridge, a kitten at heart once more!
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So sorry about Molly.
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Please pass along my condolenses to J from me.

Play over the bridge sweet Molly!
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Awww Rest in peace Molly

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Oh she's gone A difficult thing they had to do, but a decision that put Molly's quality of life first

Run fast across the bridge to be healthy again Molly

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Your friends are fortunate to have someone like you who understands how they are feeling about their loss.

Rest in peace sweet Molly
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I'm late catching up with this thread, but want to add my condolences to J for the loss of her beloved Molly. It's a difficult decision to have to make but saving Molly from pain was the most loving thing you could do. Sending hugs to help you through the pain of losing your girl.
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Sending many prayers..how scary for her

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Rest In Peace Molly
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Sending hugs and prayers to J for her sad loss of Molly. My first "JC" was put down because of throat cancer. It was just starting and it was a incredibly hard decision to not try to prolong the inevitable, but with only pain and suffering lurking on the path in this life, I chose to send him to the path over RB.
Godspeed over RB, Mollie, and scamp & romp happily with JC the First! He finally gets to play outside
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I'm very sorry to hear of Molly's passing.

Rest in peace sweet Molly
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I saw J last night. She's doing OK, but understandably a little fragile, and very appreciative of everyone's kind words.

She also told me that there will be a new fur in her life very shortly. Seems her brother has two cats, one of whom picks on the other a lot. So, the underdog (undercat?) will be moving out and joining J. Luna is about 4 years old, and apparently a great headbutter. I expect she'll do a great job of repairing J's tattered heartstrings.

Thanks for keeping J and Molly in your thoughts. Please send Luna some "settle in well" vibes.
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Wickett lost his battle with throat cancer, too. Poor Molly, but at least she had love in her life.
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so sorry! prayers for you all
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