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used cat tree

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Hi, i just got a used cat tree given because a lady didn't want it anymore. Is there any precautions I should take other then vaccum and stream cleaning? Is it possible for my cats to catch something from the former cats? I hope this is not a silly question.
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Its not a silly question. Why didn't the lady want it anymore? If her cat died or something, I'd find out why or if she got rid of the cat, why?

And you might want to get some boric acid powder or flea powder and go over it good with that - then vacuum and steam clean it.

How bid is the treehouse?
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I don't think I can get in touch with the lady. The cat tree is about 5'2" tall and is exactly what I would buy. I was thinking of getting another cat tree, but can't afford it right now, but then found this used one for free. I'll email the person that gave it to me, maybe she'll know. I had just sprayed it with a grapefruit sanitizer and it's outside airing out.
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I guess just go over it really good and have it steam cleaned. That should take care of any germs.
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We've gotten a couple used cat condos before. I treated them with upholstery flea spray. Like this one:

I sprayed it, and once it dried let the kitties play on it. We didn't have any problems.

Edit: don't let them play on it while you spray or when it's wet. I sprayed it outside and let it dry outside, it was warm out when I got them.
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I would prepare a 10% bleach solution (90% water) and spray the entire tree with it.

Do it outside and let it dry, then vacuum it, then steam clean it.

I'd be most concerned about ringworm, then fleas. The fungus that causes ringworm can live in the fibers of the cat tree for over a year.
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Thanks, I just recieved an email from the former cat tree owner. She said she got rid of the tree because her cat prefers a basket and didn't see any reason to keep it. Her cat is 10 years old and has never been sick a day in his life. I'll still sanatize , vaccum , and steam clean.
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