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Clever Commercials!

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I really like the Charlie and Martin Sheen commercial, the one where Charlie ages while waiting for service! That is ingenious! p.s. I have been a Martin Sheen fan for so many years, and he was always underestimated until the last few years--in my opinion.

What's your favorite?
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I like the cat litter commercials, with Stinky and his pals.

The one I hate most is the GEICO one, with the girl and the gecko. It is stupid and annoying!
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I love the Blockbuster commercials with the bunny and hamster (Jim Belushi and James Wood), as well as the Canadian mobile phone commercial where the guy is on a ski trip and phones home to his cat who has destroyed the apartment!
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Can't forget the Molson's Bubba of Beer commercials - hilarious!
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Did you see the Virgin mobile phone commercial for Valentine season, with the "highly suggestive" images in the background? I generally dislike V-day and all the mush that comes with it, but I thought that was funny.
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Purina Cat Chow has a new one, with a cute, little yellow kitten. Awwww!
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The Blockbuster ones are at the top of my list. I love them!

And the Bubba beer one, that song always gets stuck in my head. :tounge2:

I don't pay very much attention to commercials. As long as it's not the Herbal Essences ones, where I have to hit mute. Ick.
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I love the latest Saturn commercials (from the "leaving childhood"/ "leaving high school" ones, to the one where the cars select the people at a people dealership). My ultimate favorite one, though, is where the people travel down the road in place of cars (Saturn putting the emphasis on the safety of the passengers, the ones who truly matter when it comes to road travel). In fact, I heard that commercial won for best one of the year (2002).

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I love the NASCAR commercials. Especially the "how bad have you got it" ones.
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