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A little bit of good news

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My new job starts tomorrow it has been delayed due to the weather and I can't wait to get started I really want to get started in a routine and Chloe is staying in my old trailor due to trouble with the one who was fostering her and I can't wait to get this all straightened out. I have decided that when I get a tattoo I am alsot going to get one of Tavia's name and try and find something to do in honor of her. I hope to be in my new apartment by the end of March. And once I am settled I am going to maybe find another kitten that needs a home. And that way Chloe also has some company besides the dog while I am at work. This will be new for me I have never lived completely by myself. But I know I am up for it. I just wish my Tavia was going with me. But I know she will be in Heaven and will be watching over me and my girls.
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A new job might be just the thing you need to take you mind off things. A new kitty sounds like a great idea. You never know what God and Tavia have in store for you.
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with your new job and your plans, Gail. Tavia has now become your guardian , and will watch over you.
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A new job will be good and give you plenty to think about. good luck.
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That is good news...good luck with everything Gail
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Tavia has now become your guardian , and will watch over you.
& likely she'll be there, selecting just the right 'new' kitty for you! how old is Chloe? if she's an adult already, she might do better with an older kitten [say 6-9 months] or even an adult that 'plays well with others', like my Chip...
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The tattoo sounds like an awesome idea! I got one for my girl cleo. It is her face and name and pawprints on the inside of my left ankle! It is very special to me and alot of other people dont quite understand but its okay, because they dont have to... When I went I just took in a picture of Cleo and had them draw up her face. I even made her cross eyed! Let us know how you are holding up okay?

p.s. congrats on the new job. ..
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Nice to hear from you and that you are surviving after the rough weather in your area the last two weeks.

Good Luck with the job!
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Good luck with everything! Hope all goes well for you!
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