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Ok i cant figure out how to post pics of my cats, can you guys help? i tryed scanning them and then i looked for the file but it couldn't find it.

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When you go to save files..

go to Save As:

and save to your desktop... this is the easiest way to find your files!
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ok i will try that. THANKS!!!!!
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it didn't work when i looked for it to post it said it wasn't found
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make your your are searching for the correct extention....

.jpg - .gif

What ever you saved picture as, make sure you are searching for that file.
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I wonder if your pictures have been saved in My Documents instead of the Desktop?? That's were I save all my scanned pictures. Go to My Documents and look for your individual pictures, if you still can't find them, look for a folder called My Pictures.
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What software are you using? The software I use for my scanner took me a while to figure out because it was saving the files to it's own folder.

Maybe you could run a file search for it?
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