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I'm sorry.
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Iยดm so sorry my dear Gail!...
My heart is injured now by your lost!!..
My deep condolences my dear friend!........
RIP to Lovely Tavia!...
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I'm so sorry to read about what happened It must have been very heart breaking and I'm sure you felt completely helpless. I wish I could do something to take that memory away for you. At least Tavia knew you were by her side and she didn't pass away from something that caused a slow and lingering death. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat. I know how much you loved her. Rest in Peace Tavia.
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, it is so much harder to accept when it is so sudden and unexpected. It doesn't sound like you could have done anything different though. RIP little one.
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Gail i am sooo sorry for your loss
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OMG I'm so sorry about Tavia! What a shocker and so sad! Hon, did you ever think maybe she fell off the bed because something was already wrong? She could have started having a seizure or anything. Please don't beat yourself up and think it's your fault because she fell off the bed. I think it highly unusual that a cat would be injured bad enough to die from a fall off a bed.
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I am so sorr to hear about Tavia, she was a beautiful cat. She and you will be in my prayers.
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This story even makes this old trucker cry.

But I would almost bet Tavia had some problem and the fall was the result of that. It could have been a stroke or a heart attack; I can't imagine a jump down from a bed being bad enough to cause a cat a fatal injury.

It sounds like the short life she had with you was very good, and nothing is promised in this life, least of all its length.
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oh no. this is such a shock as I am sure it is to you. I loved Tavia and I am so, so sorry for your loss. I don't know what else I am supposed to say. you will be in my thoughts and prayers through this most difficult time. she was a lovely girl and lucky to have you. accidents do happen and this is NOT your fault. take care and cherish the memories you two had together - it may not be easy right now but it will help you heal in time. Rest in peace sweet beautiful Tavia.

here is a website that may help you heal with losing her.

again I am so sorry, sweetie. I know you must be devastated. please take care!
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Aww.. Im so sorry!! Its never easy, but having them go so sudden is even harder!

RIP Treasured Tavia~ Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge
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