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Help! Cat regressing from kitty liter box!

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I have two male cats that are five years old. I found a beautiful little female about 1 1/2 years old and decided to keep her. I had a seperate kitty liter box at first in a bedroom until she got use to the house and other cats. I have moved it down to the living room, then to the family room in hopes of getting down to the basement. She has been in our home for at least 6 weeks and never has had an accident. For some reason, yesterday she urinated on my dogs doggy bed. Then this morning she climbed in the bathtub and urinated in there. What seems to be her problem? I will say she and my two male cats are doing a lot of hissing and slapping at one another. I am trying to get them all to like one another, but it is going slow. Any suggestions?
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First I would have her checked for a urinary tract infection. Usually it's the #1 cause for improper elimination.
Second, 6 weeks is not very long for her to feel comfortable with that large of a litter box move. My feeling is that she is upset about the boys, and the litter box move. I really would try putting her box back in a room that is quiet and she is used to being in. I would give her a little more time, and let her get more comfortable with the boys.
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Thanks for the info! I had a feeling that she might be feeling threatened by the other boys. In all fairness, she has done remarkably well for just 6 weeks. I will not rush moving the kitty liter box for a while. She was just spayed about 3 weeks ago and did not have a urinary problem them, but you never know if something has happened in the meantime. I will try to get her in again.

Any suggestions on making a smoother transition to our home with the other two cats?
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Please click here for some excellent ideas on how to stop inappropriate urination.

Please do take your girl to the vet and make sure you carefully describe her potty problem. This way the vet can check for urinary tract problems, which are the number one cause of naughty pottying.
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I have found that with my cats, when they pee in the shower or the tub they were found to have urinary problems. These problems can occur overnight and without warning. I urge you to get her to the vet, and also move the litter box by degrees not feet until she gets used to where it needs to be. I would also add another litter pan just to be safe.
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