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Shreded wet food?

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This weekend Jordan was doing so well that he actually started eating dry food in the morning. So now he's eating 1/4 cup of dry kidney food (perscription from vet in an attempt to lower his blood calcium), but at night he is still eating 3oz can of F.F. medolies. I'd like to get him off FF all together, but I think what he loves about the medolies is that they are shreded. Does anyone know of a better brand of food that is shreded? It can't be cubbed. I tried the Meow Mix cups he refused those, tried the Nutro pouches those worked for a while but he stoped. If there are no other shreded foods I can stick with FF at night, but are there any others?
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avoderm is not shredded but the little cans are smaller meats than nutro

by nature is shredded ish
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I've had virtually no luck. I know one of the Fromms cans is shredded....not sure which....perhaps chicken? Otherwise I feed Friskies shredded.
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Weruva! Their chicken and beef are shredded. The fish flavors are more chunky. It is excellent quality food, IMO, but is very expensive. In NYC the cheapest I can find is 1.19 for 3 oz and 1.49 for 5.5 oz!!
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