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Have to make a tough decision

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I think I may have to re-home two of my kitties. We took in Roxy and Sofia (and their brother) last summer as fosters but John fell in love with the girls and so we kept them. They are both absolute sweethearts and we love them very much, but they've gotten increasingly aggressive towards the other cats. They attack the other cats at random and definitely not in play. They team up most of the time against the other cats as well. Spooky Bear gets the worst of their attacks and now hides most of the time. He's always been reserved, but they've made it worse and have stopped any progress I made to make him less fearful.

I've tried absolutely everything that's been posted here to try. Unfortunately, living with John's parents, we have no way to separate any of the cats. There is someone that is willing to take them both, and they'll be in a home with just each other and no one else to beat up on. I think everyone here will be a lot happier and I really think it's for the best. But it's a really tough decision to have to make!
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It is a hard decision to make but you are looking out for the cats best interests. I wish you and the kitties luck.
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That really tough decision. I would only re-home as a last resort but I'm sure you would have exhausted every other possibility. But as long as you keep in touch with the person who is taking them, it shouldn't be that bad.
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Its a very hard decision to make and it sounds like you have done everything in your power to try to fix the situation. Sometimes, its just not meant to be.
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Been there & done that with Ophelia.

You've got to decide what's right for them.

I won't patronize you, or think less of you if you did re-home them. As I know you'll find only the best home.
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Better than spending the next who-knows-how-many years refereeing fights, feeling guilty about the timid one(s), etc. etc. You are so LUCKY you do have someone to take them!
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Well, the girls' new owner picked them up this morning. They're going to a really great home and I will still get updates on them. It is really hard but I know it's for the best all around. Now hopefully Spooky Bear will stop hiding and will become more confident once he realizes that no one is going to beat him up anymore.
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that is the definition of a true cat lover. wanting and doing what is best for your cats.

i'm so glad it has worked out and i'm sure spooky bear will regain his confidence quickly.
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Thats wonderful how the girls were able to go into another loving home
Hopefully Spooky Bear won't be so scared to come out anymore
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I'm glad you found them a good home! Now want to help me find homes for a couple of mine?
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Already Spooky Bear is out of hiding! I'm so thrilled to get to see him again! He's currently sitting on top of my computer monitor. He used to walk by slinking close to the ground and looking around nervously, but now he's walking around normally and just seems much happier already!
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I would hate to have to rehome any of my kitties too if something like that happened...but I am glad you found a good home for these two, and that the 'peace' is coming back to your other kitties! It's always a tough choice, but sometimes it just is necessary...
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I think you did the right thing, poor Spooky Bear!!! Here came in two
newbie bullies, and take over, then beat you up!!! I'm glad you re-homed them! Cause it wasn't fair to SB, afterall they were fosters! I know you'll miss them but you did a great thing and found a great home for them!! I'm glad your poor boy is out and about again!!!
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