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Toe biters

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I don't know about any of your kitties, but ANY chance Trout gets to bite my toes..she jumps on it

It NEVER fails. If my toes are not under my blanket and are sticking out at all while I'm sleeping, she mows down on them..and it hurts!!

She doesn't really attack them...she just sits there and bites them until I wake up and chase her away

Do your kitties like toes for a midnight snack?
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Radar is an absolute nightmare around feet! He just wants to play with them, but he doesn't realise it hurts. I was woken the other morning by Nate screaming like a girl because Radar had grabbed his foot and wouldn't let go
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Marbles (RB baby) use to bite my toes whenever he could. Goodness, I miss that boy so much! Enjoy a "toe bite" for me.
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Gracie is our "toe nibbler".
She'll go for long periods of time and not do it then all of a sudden everyones toes become a little snack...I feel for you, those tiny little teeth HURT!
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Monica will attack feet.. depending on her mood. We love her sooo much!
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It doesn't take a lot for my Friday to go for the feet! Saturday (the evil one) will attack my toes (and my hubbies!) if she wants to lay on the footstool all to herself.
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