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So How are You Spending Your Holiday Monday?

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Morning All!

Not sure about where you are but here in Ontario it is the first official Family Day holiday..I do believe it does coincide with President"s Day in the U.S. but could be wrong.

The weather sure isn't taking a holiday, after 5 degree temps and rain yesterday it has plummeted back down to -12 and blowing snow. Very glad I don't have to go out today because it's wall to wall ice

Nothing special planned, the kitties let me sleep in so now I am just lounging around in my P.J.'s having hot chocolate and puttering on my computer..
It's heaven

Have decided to do a nice roast beef dinner, with all the trimmings so will start that a bit later...

Hope everyone has a happy day
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I'm working
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
I do believe it does coincide with President"s Day in the U.S. but could be wrong.
You could be, but you are not. Mainly, only government workers get today off and the stock market is closed. Most people here work. Have a nice day off!
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I'm working tonight
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
I'm working
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I don't work, and John's normally off on Monday's anyway so it's just a normal day here for us!
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Thats funny I was just thinking...Ooops, I dropped the ball on the daily today...but wait a minute...its a holiday

I am just sitting around today..going to put away laundry and do the dishes..but I don't have to go to the gym or do groceries today
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contacting laywers for the estate
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Well I sewing up about 8 of the cat blankets so far. Had to wash one already as I think Bobber peed on it.

Did out yard cleanup last night-had to switch shovels as our snow banks are getting taller I need to throw the snow farther. And wouldn't you know I get the area by the mailbox cleaned up and the snowplow comes through. Oh and a couple of inches of snow today!!

So shoveling, sewing and watching a movie later while I'm on the treadmill.

Pork chops, asparagus and a potatoe/zuchinni dish for dinner tonite!!
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Just like any other day for me.... Work , then go to my class at the Y tonight. Only difference is, is DH is sick and I am going to take care of him after I get home. He should sleep most of the day.
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I am going to visit my mom and sister and we are going to Swiss Chalet for dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandparents.
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Our son got up this morning and threw up so we are going to the doctor this afternoon.
I will probably go to aquafit this am (hubby is home). The rest of the week, until Sat., it will be raining, aquafit in an outdoor pool isn't appealing.
I am trying 2 new recipes tonight : Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad an watermelon-mango salad.
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Well I had my taxes done earlier. What a rip off, I have to figure out how to do it myself! Then nothing until this evening when its the grand opening of the new adoption center at the rescue I volunteer at. Tonite is a special opening for donors only and then tomorrow is the public grand opening.
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Hey, how come we don't have that holiday on this side of the country? I want a holiday!
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I worked 7-4 today. Wish I got the day off The weather was gorgeous though. It was almost 50 and I loved it. The downside is that it was really foggy, and it's going to get colder tonight. Homemade cheese pizza for dinner. Yummy!
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We got the pleasure and privledge of getting to meet Mike Huckabee in person in Wisconsin this morning. Even got our picture taken together with him and his wife.....will be cool to have that framed and hanging as your picture taken with the future President of the US
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I spent all day at the doctor and the hospital... turns out I have pneumonia
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Today was a very relaxing day; I slept in, watched some TV, then went for a drive with my hubby, came back home watched a movie and had pizza for dinner. It was a nice Family Day for me!
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I worked then went to a dentist appt. Luckily they were just taking x-rays
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