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I Need HELP for my Kitty!

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Hi All!
I am glad I found this page, as I am very desperate for my kitty cat, Tinkerbelle. She is a four year old manx rescue. Around last summer, I noticed that Tinky's left front paw was swollen and she was acting withdrawn. I took her to the vet and they took x-rays, but could not figure out what was wrong. They did notice that two of her nails were missing, the others looked thick (like she had not been sharpening them onrgrooming them) and her pads were dry and cracked. They gave her antinflamatories, pain medication and antibiotics but things were not improving, they were actually getting worse. Well, after a few more visits, without any improvements I switched vets and I am now taking her to a vet that specializes in cats only. They gave me the bad news that she was loosing weight and was not grooming herself. They thought she maybe had hyperthyroidism, and by looking at her paw, they feared cancer, so they did lymph node aspirates and a biopsy of her toe that seemed to be the more troublesome (ended up removing the digit) and found she had more than one fracture in that digit. After all that (cancer and hyper thyroidism were ruled out) she started doing better. But now has taken a turn for the worse. She has lost more weight and her paw keeps hurting and looking swollen (she lets me touch her everywhere but she always takes away that paw) she is not moving much and eats, but not enough. They still can't figure out what is wrong and the other front paw seems to be getting swollen as well, and discrepancies are seen on one of her back paw x-ray images. After more x-rays the vet is telling me that it seems like she may have a degenerative disease that is afecting her bones and/or joints, maybe an arthritis or something like that, but she is not sure yet., that is making her feel look and act like a much older kitty...she also felt her liver and tells me it feels larger than usual... I am desperate. My Tinky is the light of my eyes and it hurts me so much not being able to help her... I touch her and I feel her bones... She has always been a bit alergic and scratches much (no fleas). The first time they did a whole body x-ray they mentioned that there was a weird something on her tummy and we may need to do an ultrasound...Now they tell us to wait, since that may have nothing to do with the other symptoms, and it is expensive and I have been spending so much...but I feel like we should check it all. I am so confused, and sad and desperate! Please help!!! I am hoping someone out there has gone though something similar with their cat and can give me some advice.

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Hi - I'm sorry... I don't have any advice to give, but sending lots of prayers your way. Just make sure she is comfortable and not in any pain until you have some more answers on her condition.
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Thank you! I really apreciate your kind words.
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Hope they can figure it out. I do know that manx type cats (especially if the cat was from 2 tailless cats) can have joint/bone problems.

Here's some healing vibes for your kitty
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Have they done blood tests? There's one to check for certain things with liver function.

If so, how did that turn out?
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Where are you located? Is there a university vet hospital near you?

I would be taking her to a specialist diagnostic centre (Usually university vet hospitals do this) at this time. Sometimes our pets need care that goes beyond the realm of the general practitioning vet.

Good thoughts for her.
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I hope she will be ok. I had a Manx with spinal problems and 2 years before she died her back legs were useless but shes till got around fine. She had seizures all the time and died from one and Cancer at age 11. My Manx had seizures from the time that we got her at 6 weeks. I hope out they can find what is wrong with your Cat.
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Thanks for the replies and good vibes sent our way!

The vet did bloodwork yesterday and found Tinky to have high bilirubin, low red or white blood cells (can't remember now and don't have the report in fron of me), the albumin levels were also off, and some yellowing of her ears. She spent the night at the vet with IV fluids and they called me this morning that she was much more alert and bright eyed and had eaten quite a bit. So far no vomiting! The vet does suspect hepatic lipidosis and will be doing an ultrasound with biopsy tomorrow. The radiologist will also look at the x-rays of the extremities, so hopefully they will be able to figure out what she has. She will spend the night at the vet again today (not sure if the IV will be needed) but at least she will be relaxed without the stresss of her brother, Hook, trying to play with her when she is not feeling well. Today's developments have been very encouraging and I hope things will be okay soon. I promise to keep you posted.

Thanks again for the support!
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I am happy to report that Tinky is doing much better. She does have the hepatic lipidosis as confirmed by a liver aspirate and anemia, but has gained 2 pounds with the Hills a/d prescription food. Her paws are still swollen and we are working on that, as the vet and radiologist think it is an infection in her digits. The pain medication they put her on as of yesterday is working (metacam did not work and made her stomach sick - vomiting and diarrhea.) I am so greatful for our vet and her effort to make my Tinky better. Hopefully we can get her infectious condition under control now.

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What great news!!!! How wonderful that Tinky's re-gained so much weight. Poor baby, she's really had a tough time, but she must be feeling lots better now.

I truly hope your vet can figure out what's going on with Tinky's paws. As another member has suggested, consider going to a specialist if the paws don't improve. Your vet sounds terrific, but sometimes there are conditions that require expert help.

You're doing great, Tinky - keep it up!!!
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good vibes for Tinky. We love our babies so much we will do anything to get them better!! I understand!!

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Sounds like she is doing better. Sending her way!
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Sending vibes for your kitty!
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I am so sorry to hear such sad news about your precious furbaby, but it sounds as if your vets are on the right track in determining a diagnosis and are doing all they can. Rest assured that your are also a good Meowmy, and doing everything possible to help your baby out.

Many blessing & vibes coming your way for Tinky.

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I'm so glad to hear that she's showing improvement! Still sending lots of good vibes to you and her.
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I'm so glad your kitty is on the road to recovery!! It should snowball in the good way now! thanks for being such a great kitty momma.
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Hopefully Tink will keep improving and gain a few more pounds. It sounds as if your vet is doing a good job with her.
I sounds simplistic, but have they ruled out allergic reactions causing problems with her paws---things like floor cleaners Tinky may be exposed to? Just throwing that out as an idea.
Sending loads of healing vibes to your baby
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Here's some more I hope that she continues to improve.
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