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hi again

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Well after being in and out of the hospital (6 times). I was almost sent to the state hospital. That will be the next thing if I have to go back. As my insurance has ran out. So hoping that dont happen.

I have missed you all so much. They are saying I have anxiety, and dissociative disorder. Also depression caused by the anxiety.

So on a few meds that so far this week seemed to finally help.

Thank you all for the support you have given me through all this. Im not sure what would have happend if I hadnt had it.

The lowest part was I left one night and was gonna jump off the bridge by our house. My husband called the police. And it was downhill from there. With many suicide attempts.
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Noooooo, don't jump! I can only imagine what you are going through hun, but you can make it through. There are so many people suffering for one reason or another, believe me you are not alone. With the right medications and reaching out to people, you will manage.
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Welcome back my friend!...
I hope you see the life on another perspective, life is hard sometimes... but is great and wonderful!
DonĀ“t give up!
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I hope the medication really help you out. Nothing would be more sad than to take your your own life. You should know that you are a very worthwhile person and much loved my lots of people.
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Welcome back! I'm glad that you have gotten help and are starting to feel better. Remember, antidepression meds usually take a few weeks to fully work, so if they arn't working as good as you would hope just give it a little time.

I'm glad that you are still here. When you have thoughts like that again, just remember that your babies and your family need you and they will help you get through it. PM me any time if you need to talk.
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Welcome back Sweety
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Welcome back!
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