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Cleaning eyes

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I've already posted this in Health and Nutrtion but noone has answered it and its been bumped back to the 2nd page.... so I thought I'd try here.

Chestnut has aquired Gizmo's eye infection, however unlike Gizmo he won't let me clean them OR give him meds. I know that if I have my fiance pin him down and wrap his arms around his entire body and keep him from moving we can get the job done... but that is just soooo horrible. I've been giving him lots and lots of treats for letting us get near his eye... but food is no motivation for this kitty!

Any suggestions on how to make this go easier? The poor guy has been through so much the last 3 months... I don't want to stress him out anymore. The whole process is already making him angry and I've noticed he's not eating as much (maybe becaues his eyes are draining in his sinus and he can't smell as well) and he's not as cuddly

ANY and all advice is appreciated... we will try anything!
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Try feliway to calm the cat. The cat has to be treated so even it is stressed, do what you have to do. The sooner it gets treated, the sooner he will feel better and get back to normal. And give extra attention afterward.
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Unfortuantly because of his recent seziure my vet doesn't want me using anything that could affect him neruologically, so feiliway isn't an option .

And rest assured, he is getting his treatment... but I KNOW I'm gonna get bit soon
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Try this - kneel on the floor with your legs under you, crossed at the ankles. Spread your knees so you had a V, lift up and put the cat between your legs (crossed ankles prevent the cat from backing up) and very lightly sit on your cat's butt - use your legs to help hold the cat in place.

Make sure you have everything near already, quickly wash eyes and put in medicine. This position also works for brushing teeth and putting drops in ears.

If you use a towel, make sure it's tightest over the shoulders and when wrapping that the cat's legs are folded down. Sort of how they wrap up babies to keep them warm and quiet. If wrapped tight and thoroughly that should hold well enough - also works for giving pills and medicine.
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oooh... that might work! I'll try it tonight! I have found that if I wake him from a nap and do it he's less... um... angry?
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