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Kojak got loose in the unfinished attic!

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I am SOOOOO ready for this day to be over with Kojak got loose in the attic earlier and it took my brother-in-law Jason and I two hours to catch the little buggar! The cats are not allowed in that part of the house period but he was able to sneak back there without me seeing him while i was shutting the hallway door.....then he darted up the stairs while i had a big box in hand.

I was unpacking the house earlier and sorting out things that needed to go in the attic when Kojak ran past me flying up the stairs while i was carrying a big box up. I couldn't catch him in time and by the time his feet touched the insulation in part of the attic that's unfinished- he FREAKED out. He ran clear on the other side of the house- of course on the largest section and the one that was not finished out I tried for 30 minutes to call him and get him to come to me and finally called Colin. He was on a police call so he couldn't come- so my awesome awesome brother in law Jason came out and helped me. (his cat Patch had done that before when they lived in PA so he knew exactly how to help.) We spent 2 darn hours trying to catch him- got him pinned on the other side of the attic and almost had him when Jason accidently lost his grip on him and Kojak took on the opposite side. We went over there and spent the last hour trying to get him. I was seriously considering running to the shelter to get a cat grabber at one point.

He was scared of Jason so he kept scooting further and further back- he went into a recess off the side that was about a foot down to where we couldn't crawl and get him. So i climed extremly carefully over on the wood parts of the floor between the isolation and was able to call him enough to where after about 5 more minutes of calling him he came out Poor baby was shaking like a leaf and totally scared out of his mind. I got him out of the attic and cleaned up (he was COVERED in isolation) and gave him a big bowl of his favorite soft food and lots of attention.

I think i'm going to get Jason a 6 pack of his favorite beer as a thankyou the next time i go to the store I'm SOOOOO glad we cought him! I was really close at one point to calling over my coworkers (I work for Animal Control) to help. Thankfully i got him tough

What a day! I seriously hope tomorrow is better
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I've never had one of my cats run into the attic but when I was about 18, we had a family of squirrels that had chewed their way into out attic so they had a home for the winter. It took me and my dad about 2 weeks to trap them all (there were about 20 of them) and crawling on that insulation for hours on end was the most irritating experience of my entire life. I don't think I've ever been so itchy.
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Just has to laugh! The things cats do!! It might not seem funny at the time, but it's fun to laugh about things like that after!! My cats love to go places or get into things they aren't supposed to. The harder I try to keep them out of somewhere they aren't supposed to be, the more they will try to go there!! They want to see what the big deal is!!
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