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My little Jack...

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Jack looks as though he was caught admiring himself on the computer monitor but he thought there was a real kitty in there. It kinda broke my heart because he was kinda talking to it as if to say "Won't you come play???"

Here he is sleeping. Growing is hard work indeed-
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he is so gorgeous!!!!! What an adorable expression in the first pic!!!
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Oh my goodness - look at those teeny tiny whiskers!!! Jack is 100% Dollbaby!!
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I am in LOVE!! Jack is super adorable!!
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He is sooooo cute!!!
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Oh the pattern on his nose + the tiny whiskers =
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awww love the little cute!!!
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Thank you guys so much for the compliments. He is my first Devon and I am particularly proud of him. I just him so much. DH and I "argue" about who he belongs to, lol. He has only been here a few weeks and he has completely stolen our hearts.
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he's a cutie pie!!!
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OHMYGOODNESS! I just want to squish him.
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He's sooooooooo cute...
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