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Wow!! That is a good way to put it!!

I am still praying and sending vibes to Aiden!!!
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thank you to everyone still praying and sending thoughts and vibes. Baby Aidan and his family still has a very long road ahead. I will continue to keep y'all updated as long as anyone is interested and as long as i get updates to post. Thank you again!
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Thank you so much for these updates. I haven't sent any more e-cards after those first two, because it seems inappropriate while he's still so much on the edge... but I hope you will convey our heartfelt hopes for Aidan to turn the corner very soon. Please let his folks know that we're thinking of him every single day.
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Has he even woke up at all yet or moved??
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they said he kinda wakes up, not to total what we would think of as awake, but more or less comes a little out of his comatose state but when he does it causes his vitals to elevate and him to have sesures (sp). here is the latest two updates i got today, i was gone all day so this is my first chance to post them.....these are from Russ, the last one really dont sound good. i will watch for further updates tonight and post as soon as i have them. the last one was posted at 12:30pm eastern time.

Update on Aidan. Aidan is still having his "episodes" ("storms" as they call them in the medical community). The good thing is that he is calming himself down from them. As of this posting, the last bolus of sedative they gave him was 10:30 yesterday morning. They started him on a beta blocker (can't remember the name) and they are still considering the other drug should he have problems when they start taking him off the sedative.

The Dr. also talked to Erin while I was at my job interview and he suggested that we go ahead and get the tracheostomy and gastro tube into his done. Doing this would get him extubated and get the nasal gastro tube removed, which would then allow us to get him off sedation (soon), into a regular room (eventually), and (most important to us) finally hold him. Erin is giving the OK today, and once the ENT (ear/nose/throat Dr.) and surgeon coordinate the time, they'll get it done. This will most likely be in the next day or two.

I hear you ... "How did your job interview go?" you ask. Well, I wouldn't say it was so much an interview as it was the manager/supervisor explaining what my job responsibilities would be. He never really asked me any questions except to know if I had any questions.

Does this mean I got the job? Hard to say. I do know that when I was talking with my recruiter before my interview he had been pushing me really hard to the guy. I'll likely call the recruiter later today and follow-up with him. I did ask when I would start and the guy who interviewed me said it would definitely not be next Monday. He said it could take some time because of the various checks they are required to do before they officially hire someone.

Also, I have received all your feedback regarding networking connections for jobs. I will get to them all as quickly as possible.
Erin just called me from the hospital
And she informed me that Aidan had another one of his "episodes", and this one lasted 2 hours! His pulse was as high as 280 at one point! Erin pushed the doctors to get the tracheostomy done ASAP, but they seem to be unconcerned, saying it may not be until Monday that they will be able to perform the procedure!

This is twice that his pulse has gone up to the 200 range that we are aware of. You can bet that I am keeping track of these and will be asking questions once he is out of the hospital and into rehab if we discover further problems or development delays.

Erin is on her way to pick me and Evan up. More to come later.
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Oh the poor baby!! Its good to know he wakes up a little, really sad that he has to have the tracheostomy! Wont he still have to be on some sort of ventilator though?? IDK, just thought Id ask! I hope everything goes good from here on out!
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From my long experience dealing with healthcare people taking care of my parents, let me suggest: it's vital that you get them to explain everything to you in detail, and that you get a briefing every day from the primary doctor on the case.

Even when nurses and techs come in to do routine things to the patient, you should ask them about it -- partly to make sure you know what's going on, and partly because it forces them to pause and think for a moment about what they're going to do.

This turns you into a pest, but it heightens the attentiveness of the staff, reduces the likelihood of mistakes, and helps you make better-informed decisions.

The pressure on the family of a hospital patient is truly unbearable. They've got to take a little time for themselves at least once a day, or they will simply collapse from the weight of their responsibilities. I know, because I've done it myself. Please give them all our good wishes...
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i will. i always pass on the messages and thoughts and suggestions. i think the reason they are gonna do the tracheostomy has to do with the risk of infection from the tubes, at least that was the way i understood it. i haven't heard anything since the last post so i assume it will be early morning before i hear anything else, i am sure they are pretty busy and just havent taken time to sit down to send any messages out. but as soon as i hear anything i will post again.
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update from russ

I'm just about to go into Aidan's room this morning, but decided to post regardign what happened last night. The Guest Wireless Access was down last night, which is why I am updating now.

Aidan is still having the occassional episode/storm, but none have come anywhere close to how the really bad one was yesterday morning/afternoon. In general, he is calming himself down, but they did have to give a bolus of sedative last night when I was in there with him. They are putting shoes on his feet to prevent them from falling. They are also waiting for splints to come in to put on his hands/arms so his wrists won't be permanently turned inward. They have also started turning him every couple of hours to help loosen anything in his lungs, as well as prevent hot spots and bed sores from forming.

I finally got to see him open his eyes on his own last night. It was kinda like watching someone wake up from a nap, but he didn't really respond when I tried to make him notice me (me and the nurse would try to put a hand over one of his eyes neither the other eye nor his head moved in response). Erin said he did this when she was in there, but she was able to get a response from him. Maybe he just wasn't as sedated previously.

At this time, the tracheostomy is scheduled for Monday. IMO, this is far later than it should be, but apparently this was the earliest the surgeon and the ENT Dr. could coordinate a time. This means watching him have these episodes over the weekend (ugh!) and hoping he doesn't have another really bad one. The nurse says that as long as they are able to get him successfully sedated, they have no reason to do the trach yet as an emergency procedure. Whatever. Here's an idea: How about sedating him as soon as his pulse gets over 180, not 3 hours later when it is over 200?!?!?!

Anyway, there is a meeting scheduled for 2PM this afternoon with all the Drs. and nurses so we can get all of our questions answered. I am going to try to record the session using my cell phone so I can thoroughly document the proceedings later
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i didnt get to talk to russ long tonight, he and erin both arent feeling well and he was going to head to bed for a while. Evan is feeling better though after his bout with flu, ear infection and pink eye. Anyway on to tonights update:

As I stated before in my most recent posting, we had a meeting this afternoon regarding where we stand and what's on deck for Aidan. At the meeting were Drs. s, F, and d (surgeon), as well as a representative for our social worker and the Aidan's nurse at the time. Here is what I can remember from the meeting:

* They are doing everything they can to subside the storms by using various drugs. The goal is to get him off IV drugs and move to oral medications that can be given through the gastro tube.

* The 280 heart rate I mentioned previously is a result of a high heart rate + any motion Aidan is performing. If he is shaking/trembling and has a heart rate at 180, you can see how the heart rate could look like 280.

* The tracheostomy and gastrostomy are scheduled to be performed at 11AM Monday morning. Recovery time after surgery would be 2-3 days.

* There will be an MRI and MRS scheduled after recovery. This will tell what progress, if any, has occurred since the last scan.
People from the whichever rehab center we choose to go to will asses Aidan before he is transported so they can formulate a course of action.

Right now, Erin and I are focusing our rehab centers within NC. We really don't like the idea of "moving" out-of-state for Aidan's rehab. Therefore, we are considering Charlotte Rehab Center along with one other, WakeMed in Raleigh.
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It just makes you want to grab someone by the collar and shout, "Is he gonna be all right?" Poor little guy... he and his parents are in my thoughts every day. Get better, sweetheart.
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Im about ready to grab someone by the shirt and ask if he's alright!! Its heartbreaking even hearing about all this, much less going through it!! More vibes on the way!

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Awww poor sweetheart - he's got a long road, but he sounds like the little fighter. are still coming his way from here.
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todays update from Erin:

I did some research this evening regarding these "storms" that Aidan is having. Dr. S has called the condition "Autonomic Dysfunction Syndrome." This is just one of several terms. Another name for it is Paroxysmal Autonomic Instabilitly with Dystonia (PAID) Syndrome. It's basically characterized by elevated temperature, elevated blood pressure, elevated heart rate, agitation, and posturing (rigid muscles).

There are several drugs that they can use to treat this and Aidan is currently on a combination of them. There is no set therapy and we just have to see how he reacts to what he is on. This syndrome could go away in a few weeks to months to even a year or so. We are praying that it goes away soon. The literature I found is mostly in medical journals and is very difficult to read so I'll save you the headache of having to read it.

From what I've read and from what I saw on his last MRI it looks as though there may actually be some amount of "damage" or decreased oxygenation to the mid-brain area which is the part of the brain that controls the heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

As far as long term, I'm not sure how this is going to affect Aidan's recovery. I'm praying for the best though. He is only 2 and his brain still has a lot of growing to do.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss him. It is so hard to go into the boys' room and see his empty bed and know that it could be up to 6 months or longer until he is able to sleep in it again. I want so badly to hold him and hear him say "hey" or even hear him cry. I won't be able to do that until they take the trach out. I miss his hugs and his kisses and being exhausted from telling him to get out of stuff he's not supposed to be into.

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to endure and I don't think I'd wish it on my worst enemy. I think right now the unknown is what is making this difficult for me. That and just the sheer amount of time that this is going to take.
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That's terrible. I hope everything works out.
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Yeah, those med articles made my head spin, too. From what I read, it sounds like Aidan is getting the correct treatments. So, I am sending my prayers and to him and you.
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todays update:

We just met with Dr. H about Aidan's surgery. He made it through the surgery without any complications. He now has a tube in his trachea as well as one in his belly (referred to as a "button"). He also currently has a NG tube for decompressing his stomach. All nutrition will be handled by IV during his recovery time and he will have the ventillator attached to his trach tube.

How long is recovery? At this time they have him paralyzed and he will remain that way for the next week. Therapists will still be able to work on his joints, etc., but he should not move on his own at all until next Monday. This means no storms (hopefully), but it also means he won't be interacting with us during that time.

This gives us about a week to come to a final decision on a rehab location. We're pretty sure we'll be going to the Carolinas Rehabilitation Center located within Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, though. Right now, we're just happy he is out of surgery and recovering
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Thank goodness the surgery went well! Oh, I hope this is the beginning of a big upswing for him.

Am I right in thinking that his youth is a good thing in this situation, that because he's so young, his brain will have a better chance of reallocating functions and compensating for the damage?

So much love to Aidan...
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The very same thing happened here to one of the Doctors here, his daughter
was 3, she got out and fell in their pool, she has made a full recovery, they took her to Little Rock, Ark. St Jude's Children's Hospital, She and her mother stayed up there for a while! I saw her the other day and she was skipping
around downtown, this happened several yrs ago now!
So know that there is hope, and it sounds like he is a fighter, he has made it this far! youth is always a positive in any medical situation!
I do know that she had to learn to walk and talk all over again! but being so young, she did it fairly quick!!!!
I will pray for Aiden!! That is all any of us can do!! take care!
and stay positive no matter what! God is going to heal him!!!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Oh, I hope these signs are as positive as they sound! I did send an ecard -- but I had to break up what I wrote into three cards, because of the limit they place on length. I don't know whether it will make sense, with no line breaks and broken up that way... so here it is in the right form, if you want to give it to them:

Aidan, you are very dear
To all of us, both there and here.
Open up your eyes and look –
From every little cranny, nook
And corner, all the world around,
Streaming in without a sound
You’ll see the golden healing light
Of love... please let it help you fight
Your way back to your mom and dad
And these friends you didn’t know you had.

For such a tiny little boy
You hold so much of hope and joy.
carol I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!look at that poem! girl, you got it to give, quit hiding it !! you are special!!! even in your grief you cared enough to write and send them a card! You are truly amazing! Don't forget that!!!!
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todays update from Russ:

Erin and I just had a meeting with Dr. B Here is what we can tell you:

As stated previously, Aidan will be "paralyzed" (i.e., drug-induced) until Friday. At this point, they will start easing off the drugs and begin assessing how well he responds. The paralysis is so the trach will "mature" (i.e, the skin surrounding the hole can get used to it being there) and reduce the chance of any scarring.

Aidan has been placed on Clonidine in an effort to further control his sympathetic storms. This is being done transdermally (like a nicotine patch), and the patch works for a week before it has to be replaced.

Erin and I will have to learn how to change his trach tube. They hope to have us watch Dr. H do the first one so we will have an idea of how to do this. Dr. B assures us that once we learn, that it will be easy to do and we won't think much of it down the line. The best thing is that after the first change, we'll be able to hold him!

Dr. B is looking at Aidan leaving PICU and moving to an inpatient rehab facility (we have firmly decided on Levine) by the middle to end of next week. Rehab time is still looking at 8-12 weeks, but he said to not be surprised if Aidan takes as little as 4 or as many as 16 weeks to get through this next stage of recovery. We hope to have him home and starting outpatient therapy by Evan's birthday (June 22).
We have another family conference at 1PM on Friday. Dr. B wants to do these on a weekly basis for as long as we are at the hospital.
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todays update: sounds like the stress is really getting to the family now. Not sure if Erin or Russ wrote this, couldnt really tell and i missed them online because i had a ton of errands to run today.

10:15 AM -- Russell leaves for two interviews. He doesn't return until after 4PM. Erin has to stay in the sleep room "pretty much" all day (see next time stamp).

Noon -- After Evan went down for a nap, Erin goes to see Aidan. His nurse lets her know that they had taken him off of the medicine that was keeping him paralyzed. The reasoning behind doing this was because Aidan has a pretty large air leak around his trach and they are hoping that with him breathing more on his own it will help "seal" that leak. They also lowered his sedation meds. He was doing really well this morning, and was really calm this morning. When Erin was back there his heart rate was low and he was resting.

Sometime between Noon and 4PM -- The people from the Rehab Center come in to do an initial assessment. The case manager couldn't tell Erin for sure that Aidan would be accepted into the rehab program. They said the call was up to the doctors at the rehab.

4PM -- Russell gets back from his interviews (both went well, but he is leaning toward the latter one since it has the possibility of going permanent). The nurse comes in a little later to tell us that they took Aidan off the ventilator at around 3 and that he had been doing pretty good on his own, but was having some storming episodes. Erin goes back to see him, while Russell keeps an eye on Evan. Nana, Uncle Matt, Aunt Bev, and Mamaw arrive a short time later.

5PM -- Erin comes in with dinner and lets everyone know that Aidan had been having the storming episodes. The first bolus of Ativan was given at that time.

9PM -- After trying to feed Evan baby food, getting him to take a bottle instead and finally getting him to fall asleep, Russell comes to Aidan's room to check in after hearing Erin was crying. Aidan's heart rate was well over 200 again, and his respiration was over 100! This had been going on for 2 hours (2 hours previous, his heart rate was at 180). He was posturing severely (i.e, very rigid) and red as a beet (remember, elevated heart rate = elevated temp). Nana is holding one of Aidan's hands, while everyone was wondering why the hell nothing was being done. Russell was ready to have malpractice lawyers on speed dial and just about ripped the nurse and respiratory therapist (RT) on duty a couple of new bowels until Erin proceeded to rip him one and accuse him of being more concerned with listening to the Bedlam basketball game online (Pokes lost 68-56 -- darn) than Aidan's condition (for the record, Evan was fighting sleep and Matt doesn't do well when the kiddos are crying). Aidan's nurse proceeds to get on the phone in an attempt to get Dr. B in STAT.

9:30PM -- Russell comes back in to the room after a few minutes. Dr. B is there. He explains that he feels terrible about what is happening to Aidan, and can only imagine how we feel. Russell apologizes to the nurse and the RT, and the nurse proceeds to start crying not because he hurt her feelings, but rather because she feels as helpless as we do (it doesn't help that she, too, is pregnant). The RT is even tearing up. Obviously, the past 4 hours have taken an immense toll on everyone. Dr. B assures us that Aidan is not getting any further damage from these storms. the "secondary brain damage" referred to in many of the documents we have read about this condition would only happen if he was not getting oxygen to his brain. His oxygen saturation has been at least 95% since they revived him. Dr. B increases the drug dosages again, and orders boluses of Ativan to be issued every 2 hours.

10PM -- Erin leaves to go home after Aidan calmed down.

11PM -- Russell goes to Aidan's room to keep vigil. He was having a storm when he came in, but has since calmed down. His heart rate is back down to the 120 range and his breathing is much better at 40 bpm.

Everyone who has been keeping a prayer vigil over Aidan, we ask that you concentrate your prayers on ending these sympathetic storms. We will not be able to make ANY significant progress until those are COMPLETELY GONE and he is off the ventilator. We don't care what the intake people said about it being likely that he may not be admitted ... we want to leave no doubt that he is ready to go when the time comes. We can't even begin to describe how hard it is to watch him have these storms. Imagine the worst temper tantrum a child can have and multiply it by at least 20. The sad thing is that he can't control them and we're all helpless and can only sit and watch.

We appreciate everyones continued prayers. With them and God's grace, we've gotten this far. Things usually get worse before they get better, so we're hoping and praying that this is just the worst of it.
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Poor little darling is fighting so hard The stress must be absolutely unbearable! I'm continuing to pray for the wee man and I really hope that his episodes stop soon.
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3am update: of course i was asleep when it was posted but here it is now.

No, I'm not going to break into the Matchbox 20 song "3AM", but the time stamp is appropriate for how things have been so far today.

I was in Aidan's room maintaining my vigil when I fell asleep just after midnight (and listening to "He's My Son" on my cell phone and bawling my eyes out). At 2AM, the nurse had come in to start her follow-up on Aidan when I heard one of the unmistakeable tones coming from the many machines around him. I asked the nurse if she did something and she said she had put mouthwash in his mouth. The pain from this (Aidan has bitten his tongue a few times) set him off into a storm. She spent the next hour trying to get him to calm down and was overall unsuccessful. Once again, his pulse peaked at 200 and respirations were consistently over 100.

About 45 minutes later, I went up to his bed and attempted to calm him by rubbing his leg and talking as softly as possible to him. That didn't help matters much. I told the nurse I was going back to my room; I couldn't stand seeing him like that. I tried to sleep, but it was more in fits and starts until the nurse called and told me he had settled down. At that point, I finally got to sleep.

Fast forward to this morning. I went to see Aidan when I got towels so I could take a shower and he was, once again, having a storm. This time, the nurse was telling an EEG Tech what meds Aidan was on (He'd make most rock stars green with envy when you start counting the number of drugs he's on ... wow!). She proceeded to tell me that he had been in this storm since she came on at 6AM. At this time, they are preparing an EEG while it is happening to find out if the storms have actually turned into seizures. they also have decided to put Aidan back on the Versed, since multiple boluses of Fentanyl and Ativan really haven't had much of an effect on him.

Pray that these storms are still storms and not seizures. If they are seizures, it will be a major setback.

Now that I think about it, I guess Rob Thomas actually did write an appropriate lyric in that hit song:

well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes
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It's so hard for me, a total stranger, to hear this and be unable to do a single thing to help... I can't imagine how helpless Aidan's folks must feel. Please give them our love.
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i always do, i pass along any messages. i am so scared for the baby, i hope and pray things turn out well, but i see a long road ahead. i had a friend in college who as a baby had the same tragity and i look at him and can only see sadness ahead for Aidan and his family. i am so scared everytime i hear something that i have to take a deep breath, afraid of what i am going to hear next. i pray that day never comes, but i still have that fear in my heart. Russ and Erin tried for so long before they had Aidan, she was PCOS positive(as am i), so i know this is extra hard for them, to have your dream finaly come true then to have something like this happen is unimaginable to say the least.
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Here is a quick update on what is up right now:

Dr. C looked at the EEG and informed us that the scan showed more activity than the previous scan. This is interesting to note, especially since he is on even more sedation than his previous scan.

They are continuing to increase the meds again (Versed, Ativan (UPDATE: Aidan is no longer on the Ativan. It was replaced by the Versed, which he was on before), and Fentanyl) in an effort to better control the storms. We realize they likely can't completely stop the storms. Also, he is hypersensitive to touch. The nurses told us that even when they try to take his temperature under his arm, it does not take much to get him to go into a storm. Fortunately, they have been able to get enough meds in him to keep his heart rate under 180.

We are waiting for the nurses to finish rounds before we go back in to see Aidan again. After that, we'll likely head to the house so we can get a decent night's sleep. Since we have the meeting tomorrow morning, we want to make sure we are well-rested.
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another update:

We had another family conference this morning. Highlights:

Monday, they are going to insert a different trach tube. Aidan needs a longer tube because of his stature (he's barrel chested). They've ordered several different sizes and will try to get the best fit. They will be doing this under general anesthesia again and it will require that he is monitored for another week after the procedure. This also means another week before we can hold him.

Aidan has developed a sinus infections because of all the tubes and stuff and they are starting him on an antibiotic today to deal with that.
Dr. C would like to get another MRI next week along with an MRS. He reiterated the fact that what damage we are seeing in the brain (the hypoxia) has still only shown up in the diffusion MRI scan. For those who are not aware, a diffusion MRI creates its images by measuring the amount of oxygen in the water molecules within the brain. The MRS will give them a better idea of what the prognosis is. Dr. C did say that the areas that are hypoxic are reversible. The next MRI will give definitely give us a much better idea of what we're looking at.

Some new drugs are being added to the fray (Dantrolene and IV Clonidene along with the Clonidene patch). It will be another 72 hours or so for them to really access the effectiveness of the combination of medication. This is really all trial and error.

Aidan has started receiving feedings through his G-tube (they will also be able to start giving him some of his long-term medications through the g-tube as well)

Charlotte Rehab has not been cooperative. They said they would only take him for 2 weeks, and that would pretty much be to show us how to care for him. Needless to say, Dr. B was livid! He has suggested we start concentrating on rehab locations out of state again. Russell had got a call from the Atlanta rehab center and he found out that they have scholarships available. The social worker is also going to look into other options within NC, the main one being Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, NC.

Dr. B also wants to try to start weaning Aidan off of the sedatives (fentanyl, versed, etc) again, because he will not be able to go to a rehab facility on these medications.

We are looking at probably another 10 days to 2 weeks here in the hospital, at least. This is just taking a lot longer than any of us anticipated. Had Aidan not started having these sympathetic storms, everything would be a lot different.

I (Erin) just wanted to add that everyone here at the hospital has been wonderful. The nursing staff, the respiratory staff, the doctors, they've all been doing a great job. I know that this is stressful on them as well. I can tell that they all really care about Aidan, as I'm sure they do with all of their patients. This whole thing is just indescribable... the range of emotions that I feel. I go from guilt, to anger, to just sheer depression all in the same day, several times a day. I don't know that I'll ever understand why, or how- I just have to pray and trust that he's going to get better. It is very frustrating, though when a rehab facility that deals with brain injury doesn't think that your child is treatable.

On another note, Russell had another job interview this morning. He could possibly know something today. As for the interview that he had last week, it could be next week before he hears anything.

For now, this is what is going on. Aidan is currently calm and the symptoms of the storming episodes are under control. His heart rate is around 110 or so and his breathing is good. It's a little fast because of the trach (which is why they are changing it). He seems to be resting comfortably right now. We're just continuing to pray that these storms disappear and in the meantime we pray that the doctors have found the right combination of medications to control the symptoms of the storms
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Focusing all my hopes on an end to Aidan's stormy weather...
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SATURDAY, MARCH 08, 2008 05:31 PM, EST
Today seems to be going pretty well. Aidan has been taken off of one of the sedatives (Fentanyl). They've started him on Methadone to deal with any withdrawal symptoms he might have which could trigger more storming episodes.

He's had a few mild storms today, but they haven't been nearly as bad as they have been. He goes into them rather quickly and just as quickly calms back down.

They will start weaning the other sedation med (Versed) tomorrow. The plan is to do it slowly, although I'm not sure how slow they are talking.

Aidan will go back under general anesthesia on Monday (not sure what time yet) to replace his trach with a larger one. This should solve the problem he's having with the leak. They are putting in one that is more custom fit for him. I think the doctors underestimated how big his chest/torso is for his age.

He's been resting comfortably for most of the day, but did have a slight fever a little bit ago. He is on antibiotics for the sinus infection as well.

Evan has gone home with my aunt and cousin. I decided to transition him to formula so that it would be easier for others to take care of him. They all but ran out of here with him. They like to spoil the boys. It's hard to be away from either of the boys, but it's nice to have a little time to myself (even if only for an hour or so).

If Aidan is still resting well this evening, I think that Russell and I are going to try to get out of the hospital for a little while. I'm not sure what we'll do, but Aidan is being well taken care of and the baby-hogs have Evan (you know I love you!).

We'll update more tomorrow. Thanks for the continued prayers and support. Love to everyone!

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