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prayers and vibes for my exbf and son

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I just got a message from my ex bf and he really needs prayers and vibes, the otherday he and his wife were putting together their son's birthday party. In all of the confusion the baby got outside and about 15 minutes later they noticed him missing. My ex "R" ran outside and found him face down in the pond. He wasnt breathing, no pulse was blue and had water flowing from his nose and mouth. His MIL and the perimedics were finally able to revive him and he is in PICU. He has had an EEG and CAT scan and both came back clean, and tomorrow he will have another EEG and a MRI. They are praying there is no perminate damage. "R" blames himself and is really down and upset, naturally. I just wish i could make him feel better. Please keep them in your prayers, i should have an update sometime tomorrow. Baby's name is Aidan.
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Oh how terrible for this family.
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Oh no! Thats horrible! I hope everything turns out fine on the test!
And just remind him that it was no ones fault and it could have happened to anyone!
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btw i wish i could edit the title, i was upset when i typed it and didnt realize i left out the word "his", its not my kid. just to clarify that.
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Oh no! They are deffinately in my prayers!!!! Please keep us updated!
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It doesn't matter if it was his biological son or not, I'm sure he feels like he's his son. And many prayers and vibes going out to the whole family . I know how I would feel if something like that happened, but make sure he knows it wasn't his fault. Every parent has horror stories of "I just turned my back for a second..." that's part of parenting. Believe me, if my parents were alive, they could tell you all kinds of stories!

It sounds like the test results they have gotten back so far look good, so hopefully there won't be any long term damage.
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Wow, that's horrible! Sending lots of vibes for their family!
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Sending prayers for your ex and his son. The test results sound encouraging. Things like that happen so fast. Here's some also. Please let us know how things are going!
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for the 'lil boy!!! That would be just awful!!
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How horrible!!! Praying that he makes a full recovery.
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Hope he is ok, vibes going his way now

Take note

I have had two people I know lose a child through drowing in a pond. If you have a pond and very small children, then either put a sturdy wire grid over it, or fence it off. Litttle do some people realise that a child can even drown in a small puddle of water an inch deep.
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We used to have a pond in england, and just like your ex bf, my father just turned his back for a second doing the gardening, realised i was missing and saw me in the pond, my dad grabbed me out of the pond, turned me upside down, smacked me on the back and rushed me to the hospital near by.
Luckly everything was fine and that he had caught me early enough.
That very day he bought cement and drained the pond and cemented it over!

Ponds are lovely, but not with small children nearby

I hope the very best for your ex bfs child!
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Prayers for them
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thanks everyone. i will pass on your well wishes when i hear from them tomorrow(later today i guess since its after midnight).

i believe this is the link to the story, i found it online just now... http://www.wsoctv.com/news/15322097/detail.html

everyone is right, it only takes a second for something to happen, and around water its never good. in college one of the women in the apt just down from us had just gotten her new baby out of the bath and went to dress it, when she came back into the bathroom to get some baby lotion her toddler had fallen into the bathtub that only had a few inches of water and had drown because he couldnt pull himself up. if i ever had a kid i would be so peranoid the poor thing wouldnt be out of my site, things like this scare the dickens out of me.
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This is part of the email i recieved from "R" this morning when i woke up. This really scares me that he was fully unresponsive to stimuli, even if he was responsive the day before. Please keep him in your prayers and i will update again as soon as i hear anything.

His vitals are stable, but the next several days are going to be crucial to how fully he recovers (CT Scans, Neurology Tests, etc.). The EEG performed earlier today showed brain activity, even though he was unresponsive to stimuli (pain, lights in eyes, etc.). Last night he was very responsive, so this could have been due to the sedation. We are awaiting results from a CT scan from earlier today.

here is the lil guy we are so worried about
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His family and that cute little boy are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope everything turns out okay.
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My god, how terrifying

I pray that Aiden is alright
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I continue to pray.
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My prayers are with you, exbf, and that adorable little guy.
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Hey i got another update his mom says that his test said he is showing some slowed neurological signs. The CT scan came back normal and when she left him a little while ago he was looking a little better and his pupils were responding to light stimulus. He is heavily sedated right now due to some seizures earlier today which they are attributing to some brain swelling and he has pneumonia.
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Poor wee sausage. Sending lots of positive vibes for this little cutie.

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The hospital has one of those ecard things where you can send the patient an ecard and they deliver it to them. Here is the link if anyone is interested. PM me for the baby's name to be able to send the card. I wont post it here because it requires his full name. http://www.cmc-northeast.org/e-cards/index.cfm
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More vibes for that sweetheart!! Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!!
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omg how scary and such an adorable little boy!

:vi bes:
for full recovery.
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Oh my goodness! How horribly sad!!!! I want to cry for him and his wife. What a terrible ting!

for the poor little dear!
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This gave me chills!

I am sending strong vibes, hoping the precious boy will fully recover!!
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OMG how tragic Many prayers for this sweet boy
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This is the latest update i have recieved from "R". Thought i would let y'all know how things are going so far....

Just got back from reading to Aidan all the great cards that have been sent to him the past two days. Here is the latest:

Aidan is completely off the Dopamine and his blood pressure is completely normal! This is huge because it will allow him to get the MRI tomorrow. They continue to wean the sedation and anti-seizure medications; he should be completely off the Versed by morning, but not sure on the Fentanyl.

When Erin was in the room earlier, she got to help the nurses in bathing him and changing the bed sheets. At one point in moving Aidan so the sheets could be changed, she saw him trying to cough while ventilated. This is a good thing, as it means he is responding to movement. Any sign of something like this is excellent.
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Wrapping that precious little guy in healing light and love...
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