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McCain statement on Healthcare

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I am watching McCain on George Stephanopoulos right now. Over all I thought he was pretty good. Actually answered the questions without evading. That is a big plus in my book.

I am not sure he is going to be on target enough for the economy, but if he seriously will attack pork barrel spending that would be excellent. He didn't address how to pay for continuing the war, which concerns me.

Anyway, on health care he made one very concerning statement. I am not one that thinks our government would do a good job with health care. Our government doesn't seem capable to do much good with anything anymore.
However, health care reform is needed.

McCain stated "treatment of chronic disease with outcome base rewards".
That is a HUGE insurance company favoring statement that will be extremely detrimental to those of us who have chronic illnesses. Basically it means you get no treatment. For most chronic illnesses care is supportive quality of life care and does not create "medical improvement".

I have a chronic progress autoimmune disease that their is no cure for. It is very rare and the doctors really don't understand it. Creating a health care system that would treat chronic illness in this manner would be a death knell for me. Might as well put a bullet in my head.

What we really need for health care is INSURANCE reform. Insurance companies are sucking this country dry with outrageous profits. United health care is under investigation for billing fraud. Their CEO made a 34 million dollar salary in 2006. Insurance companies are wanting to use the new genetic information to prevent having to insure people based on the probability that they might contract a chronic illness. In CA Blue Cross is requesting that doctors send in pre-existing condition information by passing doctor patient confidentiality.

McCain's statement make all my warning bells go off that health care reform under his administration is going to be giving all the control to insurance companies. Not a good thing for anyone.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem, which is my health care provider, just got the biggest fine in this State's history. A million dollar fine for overbillings and they must file a quarterly report now and if they don't they get $500,00
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Recently McCain has "stolen" several agenda items from Mike Huckabee - because he knows that Huckabee has some better ideas. While this is not exactly the same as his rival, some of the things are similar. Mike wants to put more emphasize on preventative health care - instead of waiting till you are really sick and that's what causes more of the health care expenses/problems.

Really listen to what is being said by the candidates and you will see that most of them are changing their agenda to cater to the group they are speaking. Mike's the only one that is sticking to his agenda and has not changed it or stolen from other candidates.

Think "sheep in wolf's clothing" - the candidates are being exposed as to what they REALLY are!
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Preventive health care is one thing and should be utilized to decrease the incidence of preventable illnesses.

Denying quality of life treatment to people because they will never get better is NOT and ethical or effective means of health care reform. This is exactly what "outcome based rewards" means. Insurance companies have a term "Maximum Medical Improvement". Once you reach it they don't pay for anything anymore. It doesn't matter that the treatment helps you to function, if it is not making you better then forget it.

Any policy that is suggesting this type of reform is pandering to Insurance companies who will just increase their profits while more and more people lose their coverage, and their homes etc because of catastrophic costs to stay functional.

Ckblv, that is great they are cracking down on BC/BS. It is scary to think that the 1Million fine really is dollars in the pocket for them.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem, which is my health care provider, just got the biggest fine in this State's history. A million dollar fine for overbillings and they must file a quarterly report now and if they don't they get $500,00
All three of the remaining candidates want health care based on private insurance.

McCain wants the least government control of the insurance companies.

Most posters on this forum know that I favor single payer universal health care something like Medicare. Insurance companies are formed to make a profit and they are squeezing to make that profit any way they can. I understand it is particularly bad in California. As long as health care is in the hands of the insurance companies we will be spending way too much money on it.
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I agree about the fact that health insurance is really all about profit. And the medical industry as a whole. For example: I needed an MRI and as a self-pay pt., I shopped around. Mammoth Hospital wanted $2100; Bishop Hospital wanted $1900; Antelope Valley Hospital (in Lancaster) wanted $965 but a Lancaster imaging center wanted $350, so I went there. My Mammoth urologist was skeptical if she could use the image but had to admit that she was impressed with the high quality - and it even showed 3 bulging discs in my back that had previously been missed. Need I mention that both Mammoth & Bishop hospitals frequently publish that they are operating in the black despite their large expansions
KittyMonster, I am so sorry that you have that condition. but I am glad that you are bringing up the subject and offering first-hand experience to help educate us. I think that far too many people are relying on simple news articles or even emails to educate themselves on the issues Too late, they will realize that they, too, or their families could have unforeseen medical issues happen to them.....
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I wish more people were given an option of "shopping" for certain procedures. Often times one can't get an appointment without a referral from a particular doctor.

Your experiences with the MRI is a perfect example (I am sorry you have bulging discs, they are painful). There is no reason there should be that much difference. Cost is Cost. My father had a hear attack a couple years ago while in NY on vacation. Because he went to an "out of service" provider they wanted to charge him 66,000 for his angioplasty vs the 12,000 they normally charge. This is nothing more than price gouging.

It is true that most people take their health for granted. I certainly didn't expect to be in this condition. If insurance companies further their control over our health care system, soon anyone who gets ill will have their policies canceled after years of paying in just because they now need the help.

With the advances being made in genetics and the ability to understand and predict illnesses this is only going to increase the risk of insurers purposely denying people coverage.

Like you, I really hope people get deeply informed and not rely on sound bites. I will be looking further into McCain's policies, even after this statement. Hopefully, what he said is really not what he meant.

Ugh, I swear this election is starting to have a feeling of impending critical impact on many levels. I hope at least one candidate turns out to really be up for tackling the challenges facing the next President.
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Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
With the advances being made in genetics and the ability to understand and predict illnesses this is only going to increase the risk of insurers purposely denying people coverage.
I've read of people testing positive for HLA-B27 and wanting to have their children tested for the gene. Apparently that has later made it difficult for those who tested positive (but have no health problems) to even get health insurance -private anyways.
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Genetic testing that makes it to the point of insurance companies having access to the results can also make people unemployable by companies that still have medical insurance as a benefit. Capping costs is really the only way to begin reform of the health care system and it will involve some forms of rationing. Health care is really already being rationed by having coverage or not and how good the coverage is we just don't call it rationing. A lot of people who want the government to completely take over in a one payer system point to Medicare as some kind of success story. Medicare is close to being bankrupt, it will go bankrupt long before Social Security does. More and more providers are also refusing to accept Medicare coverage because of the poor reimbursements. We have the best medical care in the world available, wealthy people from countries with required one payer systems, come here for care because it is superior to the care available in their own countries. With that superior care comes extremely high costs and we haven't figured out how the majority of people can pay for it.
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