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King did the Sweetest thing!...

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So I often drag King into my room with me at night cuz I know he'll sleep at the end of my bed and for some reason it makes me feel safer at night

So yesterday Morning King was sleeping at the end of my bed as usual ((I know cuz I could feel the heavy lump at my feet)) so I kinda sat up.. pet him and went back to sleep... the next thing I knew.. I woke up about an hour later and he was curled up next to my head and purring! so I kinda pet him for a lil bit then went back to sleep.
I then woke up sometime later to him standing there staring at my face with his front paws on my chest.. as soon as I opened my eyes he got up on my chest and laid to were his back paws were on my tummy and his front paws were at my chin and he just laid there forever staring at me and purring!! It was the sweetest thing ive ever seen him do!! He even stayed there after I fell back to sleep! He didnt move till the phone next to my bed rang... he then casually got up and sat on the floor next to my bed till i got up.

When I got up I told my mom about his behavior and she was like "He must be really missing Justin!". Justin is my brother, kings real owner and my brother just moved out and King often times walks around the house as if hes looking for my brother... poor kitty.

I was just shocked at his behavior!! hes never done that before... hes such a Love!
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awww how cute....
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King seems to be a real darling

Arwen will do that to me some nights when she doesn't want to go out, it's her way of saying to me "Please don't let me out mum!"

It is so sweet when they do that
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Awwww, I love that. My RB baby, Marbles, did that pretty much every morning (starting at 5 am). Enjoy!
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OMG he did it again!!!! lol and I love it! ((except for when my allergies start bothering me )) ... hes just a love-y suck-up now!! its adorable!
Im ganna have him sleep in my room again to see if he does it again!

At first I thought he was asking to go out.. but he didnt want to go.. and usually if he does want out he'll bang on the door and meow.

He doesnt do this to my sister or mom.. they both have cats they sleep with so hes left alone at night.. poor guy.

As you can se.. ive never had a cat that was this cuddly at night.
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Aw What a good boy
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