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Vet visit costs--what do you pay?

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As you know I visited the vet this week (well Saturday) after tripping over Jack and spraining his leg.

I opted to not see our normal vet (for saturdays they charge an emergency fee unless its a wellness check. So the office visit would have been $42. His vet is 45 minutes away (we are moving to there soon).

I called around to some places nearby and choose to go to Banfield at Petsmart. There office visit was $33.95 and I paid about $79 for two pain med injections and two pain meds I brought home.

Because there was a possibility of needing an xray I got quotes when I called around. Jack's normal vet said $75, Banfield wanted $150-$200. The vet up the street wanted $200-$300 for xrays.

If by Tuesday Jack is still limping we will be going to his normal vet for xrays--they also only charge $18 for an office visit also.

So basically his normal vet:

Office Visit- $18
Saturday Emergency visit- $42
Neuter- $26
2nd set of shots- $22 (rabies and FVRCP)
Medicine for yeast infection in ear-$76 (antibiotic, ear wash and trasaderm (sp))


Office Visit- $33.95
Pain meds- $79 (two injections and two syrups)

1st vet we took him to:

office visit-$27.60
FELV FIV test- $39.74
Rhino/calici/dist/chlam vac- $11.10
trioptic-$7.75 (eye infection med)
capstar- $2.05 (fleas)
revolution- free

What do you pay?
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Exam....$22-24. It's $18 if I go to "Dr. Stupid".

2 weeks of clavamox is $30. Trying to think of what else I've gotten from the vet! Revolution is $4 per cat. FeLV/FIV test is $23. Blood panel is either $39 for basic, $49 for comprehensive. Urine sample test is either $8 or $12, depending on how much they do. Fecal is $12. Frontline is $14. 7 days Metacam is $17.

No clue on fixings....haven't done one myself in 3 years? Know what the vet gives the shelter for a rate though!
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Average visit is $120

It might be a cheap visit, but then I'll get flea treatments or such. So it normally averages out to that amount. Office visits are around $35 - unless you only take a minute of the vet's time.
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Vet Visit 46
Cephalexen for 2 Weeks 40
Clavamoc 15.03 per Box
Ketofen Shot 32
Sub Q's 25.95
Urinalysis w/Sedimentation 48
Exam recheck 30
Euthanasia 42.65
Cremation 225
Metoclopramide 32
Blood Tests 135.30
Drontal Pill 12.50
Er walk in at reg Vet 70
Gen Health Profile 93.60
Qvc-v 42.05
Catheterization 42
Iv Set Up 38.05
Fluid Pump Per day 23.35
Hospitalation per Day 50.75
Ampicillian Injection 32
Metacam Shot 32
Buprenex 42.62
Limited Ultrasound 75
Depo Medrol Shot 31
Fecal Exam 35
Aerobic Culture and Sensitivity Test 105.90
Methylpred 29
Echocardiogram 133.90
Yoshi was 86 to be fixed years ago
Over 300 each for my girls
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Wow you guys have cheap vet costs!!

This is based on Kiwi's recent expenditures:
Consultation: $60.00
X-rays, bloodwork, urinalysis, IV fluids with various additions, 2 days worth of supportive care: $696

One night stay in local emergency vet clinic with supportive care and monitoring: $377

Ultrasound @ Emergency/advanced diagnostic vet: $507
Supportive care at same facility 1.5 days (various meds, fluids, repeat ultrasound, another urinalysis, more bloodwork): $957

Follow up pancreatitis test: $137

Total: $2734

And this was all in the span of 4-5 days. Depressing to see it all laid out, but it highlights the importance of planning ahead and being prepared for large vet bills if need be.
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I can't believe your guy's vet costs! Pays off to live in the boonies, I suppose!
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My cats havent seen a vet in 7 years.
They are happy and healthy indoor cats.
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Before our recent "issues" my guys hadn't seen a vet in probably about 4 years either. I check them all the time for signs of illness and avoid vaccinations and treating them with harmful chemicals whenever possible.

It just goes to show you that sometimes they get sick and need vet care, and to be prepared for that, no matter how long it's been since they've last seen the vet.
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I've got 16-ish cats. All get regular exams. Saved Twitch's life, as well as Damita's. They were physically healthy looking, but inside were dying. I think regular exams are extremely important, no matter how much they cost! (I spend something like $500/year on basic exams alone)
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  • Office Visit..................................................$35.50
  • Urgant Care Office Visit.................................$43.45
  • Clavamox Drops...........................................$24.95
  • Radiograph (X-Ray)......................................$62.95
  • Comprehensive Bloodwork.............................$137.50
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Reg office 29-34 $ often waived unless a lengthly in depth visit

ER 85 to walk in ... ave bill 350$

since I do natural as much as possible ... acute care 30-55 per treatment ... ave issue 4 treatments over a few weeks
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Any one want to trade Vets Lol
My Vet is very good though.
White Cat Lover
When my Stormy died it was Sudden.
Sometimes like you said things are wrong inside and you do not know.
Her Kidneys were gone when she got very bad.
She had had Shots but no yearly Blood Tests.
It would have been found if she had the Blood Tests.
I had my other Cats tested after taht to make sure they were ok.
She would throw up sometimes and drool some but that was pretty it.
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Office call $30
FPRC/Rabies $36
spay $75
neuter $40
xray $34
CBC $26
Profile-general chemistry $52
anesthesia $21
overnight stay $14
teeth cleaning $55

I live out in the boonies
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Wow... My favorite vet charges $44 for an office call, and thats in South Dakota where prices are pretty dang cheap. I don't know how the vet with the 18 dollar office call keeps their doors open!!

And 200-300 for radiographs... holy moly!! Unless your pet is sedated and monitored with some high tech equiptment, thats a rip-off! We don't even charge that here at the teaching hospital where you have board certified radiologists reading the radiographs!
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The vet who charges $18 has been in business for at least 20 years!

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
The vet who charges $18 has been in business for at least 20 years!

The one here who charges $18 for a visit inhertied the practice from the previous guy....been in business 21 years. Amazing, isn't it?
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Originally Posted by Kiwi Kat View Post
Wow you guys have cheap vet costs!!
Everything's cheaper in the US

In my area it's $50-60 for an office visit. Series of 2 vaccines is $85. Desexing around $120 for males, more for female.
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I think its cheaper in Certain States. I pay alot here.
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I get a 10% discount at my vet for being a long-time and very regular client. Before the discount, the office visit is $46.00, plus a flat fee of $4.75 for "Waste Management." I don't know how much spays and neuters are since all my cats were already fixed long before I adopted them. Odo had an eye check yesterday, and the fluorescein stain was $22.75. Zek had a CBC done at the same time, and that was $57.40 (again, before the discount). Odo's dentals usually run about $400 without extractions, and x-rays are $160 since they always send them to a radiologist for consultation.
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It's around $50-$60 for me too. That's why $15 a month pet insurance seems like nothing. Even if one of my cats were to die (God forbid) they would pay for a new one, up to a certain value. I don't think any pet owner should be without insurance, sometimes it can save a cat's life.

But in a few years (I graduate vet science in 2012) I'll be my own vet =] and making money off the rest of you
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Exam $29.55
Felv/Fiv Test(in house) $38.23
Felv1st Vaccination $11.00
FVCRP 4in1 1st Vaccination $18.00
Drontal (2 pills) $17.48
Clavamox 15ml $19.61
BNP Ointment w/cort $15.84
Cefa drops 15ml $20.41
Laxatone $13.00
Calici Vac#2 $8.08

She's cost $255.62 in vet fees the past 9 weeks
(These were her initial checkups for misc health issues, hopefully will not need as much now that she's indoors-only!)
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Originally Posted by Tobi View Post
That's why $15 a month pet insurance seems like nothing.
Read the fine print carefully, I've found it more useful to put money into a savings account instead as really not much is covered especially in the basic plans.
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I have read the fine print... and agree with you on the majority of them... I work for a bank so I'm thorough with my fine print
I'm just with one that seems to be a lot better than the others... but then again, maybe I'm missing something.
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Its not cheap here!

Riley's vet is $50 for an office visit. I don't know what other services cost yet, because he has only had his first checkup with them and wasn't due any shots yet. His next ones are due in April I think, so I will see then. I'm sure they are pretty high on everything.

The local E-vet is $80 I think for the visit, not counting any meds or anything. Things are VERY expensive here
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Basic consultation is £40 ($80) - that's before any tests or medication. Not in any particular order...

Sonic's neuter £46 ($90)
Radar's neuter & hernia repair £140 ($280)
Sonic's eye exam, eye cream, & drontal x2 £65 ($130)
Radar's kitten vaccinations £56 ($110)
Radar's infection - initial & follow up consultations, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory £100 ($200)
Radar's acne - consult & antibiotic injection £52 ($105)
Radar's incident with a hot cup of tea - eye exam & eye cream £50 ($100)
Sonic getting foot shut in door - consult & anti-inflammatory £52 ($105)
Yearly boosters x 2 cats - £42 ($85)x2 = £84 ($190)

That's around £650 ($1300) for both cats in less than 2 years, including routine stuff. I haven't included Jacob as he's the new boy, although I paid for his neutering it was done outside London and so didn't cost as much. He is due for his yearly boosters soon though!
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well. When I took Salem to the vet for his checkup and shot...
it cost me $65.....
but he clipped Salem's nails for free...
Sabrina is ok till next year.
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It's not cheap here. Vet visits (just having the vet look at them is $40-$45.

I'm in the process of finding a vet who has the Purevax Rabies shot. Usually that is around $18-$20.

When we took Raven in on an emergency call, just the emergency/after hours fee was $100. Then there were the charges for everything else.
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Hi, Here is my last vet bill on 1/28/08: (age of cat approx 4 1/2 yrs)
My kitty had vomited and was not
eating and drinking for 1 1/2 days and was very lethargic
She ended having a temp of 105 deg F.

office visit: 20.00 ( I think its like 35 on Saturday's)
CBC, Superchem, Thyroid test: 80.00 (this was a option and I
elected to have it done to
rule out any serious illness.
Clavamox liquid 20.10 (30 ml)
Anti-inflammatory injection: 10.00
Antibiotic-plus injection: 25.00

She recovered very nicely after a few days of antibiotics.

My vet is very reasonable, and I know it.
I just wish he was in with other vets,
because his backup vet does not due surgery's.

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In the last 3 weeks its cost me £800 ($1,56914 ) and thats not the total amount as Lucy has to go back for check ups and an operation . in the £800 there has been 2 call outs on a weekend £61 ($119.647 ) each , xrays , scans , injections , tablets not sure how much these are each as my bill was just bulked together , a euthanasia , 2 cremations ( done as private with just Sox and George together ) then hospitalisation for Lucy
on top of this i have monthly bills for Jess my 14 yr old cat who is on tablets for an overactive thyroid and my 13 yr old dog Jake who is on tablets for very severe epilepsy .
but its only money my animals are worth lots more to me than money
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Just pulled out kismet and cello's folders....

Office exam - $61
Urinalysis - $ 55
Clavamox (2 weeks) - $32
Baytril (2 weeks) - $26.40
X-ray set up fee - $72.50
1 plate radiographs - $38.50
Sub Q - $45
CBC - $55
I'v Fluids set up - $114
Hospitalization 1 day - $96
Health panel - $132
FELV/FIV SNAP test - $66

and much much more........these are just a variety of different costs from Cello and Kismet over the past year for everyone following their storys (FHL and the laundry soap incident) for a total of around $3000 bones since august.

Here is the ridiculous cost of the emerg. vet

Consult - $110
Radiograph set up and 2 pictures - $162
Hospitalization - $110
Injection - $31
Oxygen therapy - $119

hahaha wow. this is a depressing thread
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