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Vegetarians I sympathise!

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The reason I say this is because I decided at the start of January to only eat very high quality meat that I knew where it came from. It is so hard especially for lunch when you're in work!! I go to buy a salad and it's got battery chicken in it (it's amazing the amount of things that have crappy chicken in them). I go to a cafe and they have one vegetarian choice which invariably is a greek salad or vegetable panini.

The chicken thing really amazes me. SO MANY THINGS have chicken or chicken extract in them!! Any advice or tips in how to eat ethically without getting completely bored?? I haven't given in so far and I don't intend to.
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Can you take your lunch to work? One of my favorite veggie lunches is a hummus and sprout sandwhich on wheat. If there is a fridge at work, try taking things like that, or pasta you can heat up, or fruit and yogurt...
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I've found that it's ludicrously easy to be vegetarian or vegan if you never eat out, and then the ease of eating out is based entirely on where you live. I'm lucky enough to live in a place where my immediate area is really veg-friendly...lots of middle eastern food, lots of Asian food, and lots of veg-only cafes.

However, when I go out the burbs (where I work) there is one (or fewer!) vegetarian options on the menu. I rectify this by making me food at home and taking it with me to work.
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I try and take food to work but I'm often too lazy I have to admit! I love cooking in the evenings but I never have the motivation for lunch. There are no veggie places where I work. I have actually bought in lunch stuff for this week but it's a matter of remembering to bring it; my brain isn't the best first thing .
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I guess I am spoiled here in the Bay Area. Pretty much every type of non-fast food restaurants offer at least 1 veggie entre and sometimes even a vegan one.
Can you just make a salad at dinner big enough to take half of for lunch, adding the dressing for the lunch salad?
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I have to make our lunches the night before or they wouldn't get done. I'm sorry, trying to pack a lunch in the morning is impossible...I'm lucky if I can pour myself a cup of coffee!

Are you saying you want to cut out ALL meat? Or just crappy meat?
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This is probably going to sound a little dumb, but wht is battery chicken?
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