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board magic for a friend...

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i have a prayer/board magic request...

as some of you know, i am babysitting two cats for a good friend. she called this morning to say they were all sick with conjunctivitis and were really concerned about flying with their one year old so sick.

she called back to say they managed to get the airlines to switch their flight to thursday. their concern now is that their daughter, lilly, will be well by then and that her husband's company would not be hard on him for missing several more days of work, especially with the cost of switching the tickets around.

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What a horrible thing to happen! Positive, healthy energy being send to your friends....
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It's horrible to travel when your sick. I'm sure all will work out!

Postive energy from me, but maybe I shouldn't since I'm sick and my energy is not at it's peak right now!

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healthy vibes on the way!
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Prayers for good health and a boss with a good disposition! They have no choice in the matter.
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Oh how terrible! You really can't fly when you have a problem with your eyes or ears and shouldn't when you have any illness in your lungs. Healthy healing vibes going up to your friends from New Jersey!!!!!
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And from Pennsylvania!
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I just saw this....how are they doing? Did they make it home okay? How is the little girl??? I pray they are all well now!
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thanks for reminding me! i should have updated you all.

they got home thursday night. they all still have sinus, ear, and eye infections, but they were doing better than they would have if they had to fly earlier in the week.

thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
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I'm sending up prayers that they will all get well soon!
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