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New Nikita photos

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I spent most of the weekend taking photos of her, heh.. see I've been away for the week having had to travel for work (a friend of mine lives in the apartment above mine so she came in multiple times a day to look after Nikita ) but it was so nice to be back and see Nikita again. She was very happy to see me as well and I've had a furry shadow the entire weekend.

Showing her wild side


Very dignified when interrupted

Enjoying the large window

and finally two close ups

I have some action photos from the weekend too but I've not processed them yet.
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She's so pretty!!
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Very dignified when interrupted

I loved the bottom two, so wonderful (all of them were!) but this one begs for a caption! What a riot!

She's gorgeous, just gorgeous.
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Nikita is so beautiful!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post

This pic is my favorite of the bunch. Love that brick red nose and those eyes. Nikita is beautiful as always. Thank-you for sharing!
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She is so gorgeous!
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Oh I just her face!!
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Thanks I really enjoy taking her photo and she's a very experienced and good model these days I love her eyes and her nose as well, especially the contrast between the dark brown on the bridge of her nose and then the brick red nose itself.

Here are the rest of the photos.

Playing with bubble wrap (supervised of course)

Chasing Da Bird

A few jumps


and to end another portrait

phew! that's a lot of photos, heh...
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That last one right above me is perfect! I love her green eyes!
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Your photos are amazing!!!!
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she's beautiful!
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I can tell she's glad to have you back! Looks like a really fun time was had by all...your girl is so beautiful.
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She's absolutely gorgeous. I love Nikita.
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