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Help...bloody diahrrea

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Hi guys/girls,

I just came home and noticed that Billy III has diahrrea. I examined the litter box and found that there was a little bit of blood. Is this normal? I will call the vet tomorrow and set up an appointment for him to check him out. I am sooo scared!!!
he seems ok, hes running and playing all around the house so i think hes not in pain but still im so scared. any experiences with this type of stuff? what can I expect to hear from the vet? any info please would be appreciated

also, i havent changed his food or anything
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I can't say I have, thankfully. And no, it's not normal.
But since you'll be going to the vet tomorrow everything should be ok - provided that it's only a little blood. Get up early, right before the office opens and make sure they know it's important. Often that will get you an appointment 30 minutes to and hour later. If not, call another vet.

Make sure he drinks as diarrhea can dehydrate kitties quickly. Any chance it could be from worms or that he could have eaten something he shouldn't? If you can collect a fresh fecal sample to take with you that may be helpful to the vet.

If the amount of blood passed increases or if there's blood in even bowel movement - your best bet is an ER visit.
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Thanks i will take him tomorrow. He poped again and this time there was no blood. there wasnt too much blood to begin with. i dont think he got into anything i keep all the dangerous stuff hidden well, He has also been playful most of the night nothing out of the ordinary. I will grab a stool sample for the vet because you never know. thanks for the reply
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My cat Captain didn't have diahrrea, but loose poopoo with blood a year ago. He behaved exactly like you describe. He played and ate normal. I did call the vet because he was at the vet for an exam a week before and she said it was not anything to be alarmed if it goes away in a couple of days and he behaves normal. It did go away and I always keep an eye out for blood in his stool.
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Thanks for the reply.
I took Billy to the vet this am and took a feces sample which this morning was not diahrrea and the vet said that everything is ok. the feces test came back normal so i guess he is ok. I just looked at the litter box again and the poop is hard and no blood. there wasnt much to begin with but im such a worry worm. after my old cat that was PTS i am NOT taking any chances with anything. My vet kinda laughed at me hehehe but said it ws great to see me smile and care for another kitty like my late Billy Jr.
I am just so glad that everything is ok, it never hurts to see the vet extra times a year.

thanks again for your replies!
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That's great that he was fine. It never hurts to be cautious and since he's had a check up when he's healthy that might count as his regular check up for a few months.
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I agree. Thanks so much for your input!
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Ya know it could have just been that his poop was too hard and kind of ripped his bumm on the way out?? Just a thought! Thats happened to mine a couple times!!
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