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I've seen too much of this stuff!!

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I'd seen way to much of this stuff!! \t\t\t\t
\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t \t\t\t \t\t\tOnce again snowing I think we are going on 4 inches now.

Though I would share with the TCS'rs that are snowless.

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Yeah, I've had enough of it too. It's decent where I live today. We actually have rain. Don't know how long that will last though.
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erf yuck snow! i couldnt live in a country that constantly snowed.
Today was really nice and sunny but chilly.

Bring on spring and summer!!
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Those photos are nice Gail We have rain today
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I loooove snow! I wish we had more of it!!!!
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We've got rain and thunder today....that is going to turn into snow when it cools down.

It was nice to see the grass, though. Ya know, verify that it's still there.
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Yikes so much snow!! We are raining here today too, raining and melting to be presice! I have a creek running through my yard, and it is nearly up to the top and roaring today!

With all the melting going on, I was able to go on a treasure hunt around the yard to find all the little surprises the dogs have left me this last month.
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Looks about the same here, Gail.
I think so far this winter they said we've gotten 50"+.

As a snow lover, I am getting sick of it almost
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Very pretty~but no thanks!!!
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I am Snowless. It is rare here. I can go to lots of snow 1.5 Hours from here.
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Please send it over here!
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I'll take the snow if you take the freezing rain I have here
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It's only snowed about twice or so this winter season here. Right now it's about 46 degrees, windy and raining. Terrible weather, really.
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The snow is slowing finally I took some measurements in the driveway and its about 6 inches so far. The second photo is from the front of the house-can you see the road?? So my "scientific" measurement of six inches add the five inches we got last thursday...... we are about 70 inches for the season. We don't have all that on the ground however we had a good melt about a month ago.

Oh I forgot to mention the temps are below normal for the week too with "high" temps about 10 and lows of course below zero!!
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Thanks Gail for the pics, and do you know what? Thats the the best place for snow imo, on pictures and postcards
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I am Snowless. It is rare here. I can go to lots of snow 1.5 Hours from here.
We are about an hour from Mt Hood and lots of snow
Too bad I don't have a car to get there! Send some snow this way please It was around 60F here today.
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Well we ended up with about 8 inches but guess what we are supposed to get a couple more inches today. I going to have logistic problems in some areas of where to shovel/snowblow additional snow. We had to stop piling in one place as its up to 5 feet tall!!
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I am one that is snowless. How about we trade places for a week? That should give me my fill and give you a break.
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Don't feel too bad Gail....we've gotten even more than you have in the Southeastern part of the state.....and its snowing right now! This has been quite the winter. We had flooding in some areas yesterday with the rain. Can we say tired of winter?
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