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I can not find a Job here

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I quit my Job when we moved here 2.5 Years ago after 15.5 Years there. I have tried places online but no one calls me. We had only been here 2 Months when we found out my Husband had Leukemia so I had to stop looking for a while. Any ideas where I should look? I was in the food business but want to get out of it. I am looking for a job in Retail.
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I would advise to go into stores personally and have your resumes handy incase you can just hand it in.

Looking for a job sucks!
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I'm sorry to hear about that, have you looked into any placement agencies, somtimes it';s temp work but at least it's somthing
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For a retail job, you need to dress the part when you apply (so you look like you have shopped there). Have all of your information ready to put on the application, neat handwriting, smile like you want to be there, look the people in their eyes, and be prepared to state what you can bring to the job that others can't.
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A temp agency would really help. That's what I did when my husband and I moved here. I started as a temp, but was offered a full time position. At least it would be something to give you money while you looked for something. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I would advise to go into stores personally and have your resumes handy incase you can just hand it in.

Looking for a job sucks!
This would most likely be your best bet. If you don't have your resume with you ask if you can have a application. It's worth a try..
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I did go in some of the stores here and they said you need to go online we do not hire walk ins. I can not find a Employment Agency here for Retail Jobs. I would take a Temp Job or a Part time too.
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Try Pretty decent stuff there
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I would recommend a temp agency. You can get such a wide range of experience there. I worked in food service for 9 years and tried many times to get a second job in retail. I don't know how many times I was told "you don't have retail experience". It used to make me so mad because to me customer service is customer service whether its retail or waitressing. Actually, I think waitressing is harder. In a temp agency, you will learn to do a little bit of everything, and it can easily lead to a permenant position once you prove yourself in one company.

Good luck!
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Check to see if the mall has a website. Go on to there and often times they will list the openings at the stores there.

If you're at the mall, go to the main information booth (usually the middle of the mall) and ask for a list of job opportunities. Write down which stores are hiring then visit each of them.

I hear ya...B has had just as much luck as you...almost five months here and only 3 phone calls...
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I have tried CraigsList and the Mall but so far nothing.
I will not give up.
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Make a list of stores you think you'd like to work at... then hit their websites. Many companies, retail and other, don't give walk ins the time of day, as you're finding. My store does, but we're not close... (and we're not a chain). Polish up the resume, highlighting your skills, and submit it. And always do some sort of cover letter.

If you're having a hard time finding the 'job openings' link, click on About Us, if it's not obvious... usually it's hiding there. That's what I've found.

I know you just really want to find a job... but go into those stores you're thinking of working for, and take a good look around. Are the people helpful? Are they the kind of people you want as coworkers? Do they look even remotely happy to be there?

Try the grocery stores. Many of the smaller chains (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc) are great to their employees, pay well and have excellent benefits. TJ's, for example, does hire walk-ins, for general positions, like clerks... management openings are online-only. Trust me on this... I have a friend who wanted to work there, but for whatever reason won't do online stuff... he finally got into another awesome grocery store here in Portland.

I also understand that IKEA does well by their employees... I'd love to work there, but i really need to get out of retail... heck, get out of working with the public.

Check out a temp agency, for general office and other stuff. If you get someone like the last one i got... I never did get a posting through them, but the guy I talked with gave me some REALLY good pointers on my resume.

I could honestly give you names of stores to not give the time of day to... and some you should try... of course it depends on where in the Central Valley you are (I'm from the SF/Bay Area, have family in Fresno and Modesto), but I'm not going to do that publicly... esp. not the ones to avoid. I could get in Big Twubble for that...

Now, I'm off to rest as much as humanly possible before my big 'double job' day... I hate working two gigs... really. really. hate. it. urgh. *thud*

Good luck... PM me if you need anything... like names... oooohhh do I have names... (big ugly, conglomerate, big box, overthrowing, stuffy... oops... sorry.... I'll shut up now really)

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I will Pm you. I Moved here from the Bay Area 2.5 Years ago.
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I hope that things start looking up for you!
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yeah! Dont give up!!!
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