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Monday's DT

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IT"S Cold!! -20 With wind chill. And I have to go out.In the town where my grandkids go to school,there are no bus's!All the kid's walk to school,I am not letting them walk is a 6 block walk!And my son would have to take the baby;s with him,a 1 year old a 2 year old and a 4 year old.{his wife moved out}and my son has no car.The only bus's are for handycapped[sp] kids.Stupid stupid town. And then when I get home I am going to take a hot bubble bath!What I would't do to see green grass,flowers.and warm weather!It could be worse.we could live in Canada,where it is even colder!If you live where it is cold,try to stay warm,and if you live where it is warm,send us some!!!!!!!!!!
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I am right there with you sherral46. It is cold here too, I don't think we have even hit 20 yet. On the way into work it was only 4 degrees. Bitter. Ugh. I can't take it. And the wind was blowing enough that my car was all over the road. At least it is March, spring is in sight!

There is road conststruction all over the place by where I work. They are widening the road, and although it is needed, during the construction it has made turning onto the road I need to take to work near impossible. They told us to find an alternate route to work for the next year. Year!!! Why do these things take so long???
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Brrr! I'm in Canada, and you're right, it is very cold!

I'm staying home from school today, because I've caught a cold and I just don't feel like going to school to sneeze and sniffle all over everybody. This will be my first "sick day" this year so I guess it's okay.

(I don't think we have a Kleenex smilie. )
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Our storm is, finally, moving out. Its 35, right now and is supposed to go to the high 50s, today. With the cold, damp weather, this past week, neither Bill nor I are feeling 100%. He's got it worse - he has to work in it, laying on a cold, concrete floor.

I don't have much to do, today. Got my hair bleached, yesterday and I'll put the toner on, today. I'm shooting for my natural color - at least, what I think it is. (Its been a long time).

Try to stay warm.
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it's 21 here. sounds like a heat wave compared to what some of you are experiencing. we are supposed to get snow this afternoon but the high will be 39 so i'm guessing it won't sticj around too long.

half our office is out with sickness or sick kids. should be a slow day...

have a good one, all, and stay warm!
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lol its nice around here, 42!!!!
Got a long day planned, we bought a sopranos second season dvd and last night when we went to play the 4th dvd, it was the 3rd one, instead of the 4th and so we have to take it back to trade it.
then we have to get the groceries, hip hip hooray.

hope everyone has a great day
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*sneeze* Well last night was a battle to sleep. I ended up around 2am getting up to sleep on the couch. Oh the fun never ends around here. *cough*

This morning, with windchill it was -34C! Ugh! Even Nakita didn't get out of bed and is still under the covers.

Nakita was happy this weekend because we replaced her toy. She destroyed 'the feather' on a stick, so now we got her this little furry toy named Maraca the Furry Ferret by Spotnips. You should have seen her eyes light up! She flings it up in the air and buries it under the rugs. Too funny!

I entered Nakita in the Meowhoo photo contest and she wasn't picked! How could someone not pick irresistable Nakita! I'm boycotting!!

Hope everyone has a heathly warm day!

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
I entered Nakita in the Meowhoo photo contest and she wasn't picked! How could someone not pick irresistable Nakita!

hmmph! they need their etes checked!
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Originally posted by Auburn412

hmmph! they need their etes checked!
I thought they should get there eyes checked. But while they are at it they can get there etes checked too!


Good one Auburn!

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ohh i would like some new etes too, where can you get them from?
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don't mind me. i'm just sitting here "ainging" and not paying a bit of attention to what i'm typing!! LOL!

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[size=large]I start my new position today .

It's quite warm here, 7C. It's bright and sunny, making it even warmer. My grama was down for the weekend and she just left. She had a little Chihuahua/Yorkie with her, he's 6 months old, and Roo adapted well but Tigger vanished for the entire time. I had to drag her out of the back of the closet to go to the litter pan . My Roo was 2-3 times bigger than this dog and Tigger was scared $h!tless. Now that they're gone she's totally back to her normal self. I guess getting a Golden Retriever is out of the question now!

Well, I hope you all have a good day, and try to stay warm.

Sending warmth to all of you who are cold :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:[/size]
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The sun is shining for the first time in about a month; AND it is supposed to get up to 40 today. Yippee!!!

Last night Maggie was snuggling under the covers with me. I rolled onto her tail (oops!) and she lept out of the covers and used my eye as a springboard to escape! OUCH!!!! Now I have a puncture just under my eye and a cut on my eyelid and a scratch in the eyebrow. I'll be veeeery careful in the future when she's under the covers.

Oh.....I'm going to China!!!!! I just found out that I was one of five people selected to go to China for two weeks this summer. Woo Hoo! I can't wait.
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Originally posted by lotsocats
Oh.....I'm going to China!!!!! I just found out that I was one of five people selected to go to China for two weeks this summer. Woo Hoo! I can't wait.
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Im soo happy for you!
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Wow China - that will be an amazing trip! Congrats

I am so warm! Because it is so cold outside I dressed very warm today and now they have the heat cranked up at work. I am so warm I am nauseaus! I still haven't stopped coughing, but at least I am coughing less.

WARNING! I will not be on-line much this week as I am doing roleplay with new trainees Tuesday to Friday this week and Tuesday-Wednesday next week. I have not been abducted by aliens (I scared them last time and now they refuse to take me). I will check in if I can!

Hope everyone has a good day!

BTW nobody start ainging about etes!
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I'm having a lazy day at home. I'm afraid to go outside because its too cold. Because I don't want the day to be totally wasted, I cleaned Sam's fish tank and installed a new more powerful filter that should control the algae. It has been a challenge to find ways of treating water that are not chemical, so that cats who drink the aquarium water will not get poisoned.

The cats are in love, I think. Today Bailey seems to be completely recovered from her spay surgery, and we are both trying to convince Sam that kicking her in the head is not acceptable play behaviour. He starts out by kissing her, grooming her, and then the head kicking starts. Bailey is very good at explaining these things, he goes and hides for a bit, then comes back for more.
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It's a sad day for me today.....*sniff* I am not able to check in here as much as I'd like. They are cracking down on all of us at work so my time here will be limited. HOWEVER....I will check in as much as possible. I have a few minutes right now because I am off company time! WoooHooo! Just waiting to head out and do groceries.

It is sooooooo cold here but, like the saying goes: In like a lion, out like a lamb. So, we should be basking in sunshine in no time at all.

Renae! Wow...a trip to China. That should be quite the experience. Have fun!!!! couls Nakita not be picked????? That's like....almost impossible! She is totally adorable and cute and beautiful and talented and.....*sigh* Maybe next time????

I'm fighting a cold too. Yep....there is definately something in this Canadian air of ours. Now, if we could quit passing it around to each other here, we'd be okay!

Ady...we do role playing here too! I normally play a customer who is fed up with everything here. It's alot of fun because I don't get mad in real life very often but when I role play, I let it all out. I actually feel great after! Have fun!!!

Bye for now! I'll be here tonight again....I definately did not get in my TCS fix today!!!!
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New job, China - WOW!

It rained yesterday and then dropped to 10 degrees last night. Of course, it then warmed up today - so it went from frozen wasteland to mudhole.

Oh - hubby registered at TCS today. He's shelly's dad. He's already causing trouble (and I'm not kidding!!!!) I won't tell where though.... but it's not in the feral forum, where he's boasting about his next true love, Tuxedo. :tounge2:
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Wow, what a big day on the DT!

Congrats Tamme on the new job!!

RENAE!!! Holy cow!! China - that is so cool!! You know you will have to flood the site with pics when you get back.

Kass, I have to say they probably didn't choose Nakita for the photo contest so the other kitties would have a fighting chance. She's just so photogenic and pretty, the other kitties would be jealous.

Bailey will have to show Sam who's boss, but don't count on it. Even between protective Daddy and Ophelia's little needle claws, Trent still hasn't gotten the point about how rough is too rough. Maybe Trent's just dense, I don't know. It's been over 3 years, so I don't think he will ever learn.

I'm in the "it's very nice" category. We've been cold and snowy for over a week but now we're back to highs in the 50s. Although it is nice not to be cold, we need more snow!
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oh golly! laurie, i didn't realize gary was shelly's dad! i welcomed him in the new cats when he brought an issue to everyone's attention. so much for a former cat-hater! way to go, gary! he is more outspoken about cat welfare than me, lifelong cat lover!
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Jan - he's a Libra. You know - the scales of justice and all. He TOTALLY lives up to it. I read him that note - and he apparently just flipped. I didn't even know he'd registered until he asked me to go look at his post. Oh gosh - my heart sank before I got over there. It wasn't too bad, though, and you really helped calm him down. He was beginning to think we were all nuts! He's another one that speaks (writes) before he thinks.
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