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First Post & Grooming Question

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Hi Everyone, This is my first post. We have a wonderful cat we found as a stray about 2 years ago. We weren't really in the market for a cat but he was so sweet we just couldn't resist. Anyway, here is my question. Has anybody ever used the furminator on their cat? Does it work well? Even though this is a short haired cat, he sheds like crazy all year long. Brushing & combing just doesn't seem to help much. I could brush him until my arm falls off and the loose hair just keeps on coming. He has regular vet checks and he is perfectly healthy. His name is Kitty and he looks very much like Jamie's cat. (jcat). I guess I shouldn't complain about the shedding because he LOVES to be vacuumed. Yes, he really does. I sometimes have to shut him out of the room so I can get the floor vacuumed without him throwing himself in front of the vacuum begging to be vacuumed. But anyway, I would like to try this furminator thing but I don't want to buy yet another grooming tool if it doesn't work.

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I know a lot in here have them and it seems to work very well. But it depends on the coat. If the coat is a slick, close laying coat as on an oriental/siamese/Ocicat, then the furminator would do more damage. But if its a normal coat to longer hair, then the furminator should work well for you

BTW welcome to the cat site
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Welcome to thecatsite. Glad you found us!

The furminator works great on my Persian's and I love it. I still don't use it as much as an old fashioned comb though!

What do you feed your cat? Many believe diet plays a big role in excessive shedding.
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Hi and Welcome fellow Wisconsinite

I own an Furminator but George isn't fond of being brushed/combed. When he has let me use it, it has worked great. I try to use it either on the patio or a table - somewhere easy to pick up the hair!

At Petsmart, I found a mitt that's used like a brush. I thought I would be able to trick George into thinking he was just being petted, but I was wrong! But boy does that pick up the hair.

George is part Maine Coon so he has lots of hair - sure wish HE liked to be vacuumed!!!
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