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Its official

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I am the neighbourhood (mad) cat lady - was walking back from the shop earlier when I got stopped by a car. Being polite, I stopped in case they wanted directions - no, they wanted to know if I had seen their cat, as they know I am 'friendly' with hte neighbourhood cats!! I have taken one of their cats home late at night when she was wandering, and told them she was scavenging at one point too (thought she was a starved abandoned cat cos she was eating cake in the street). I didn't know they had this cat though, I have never seen it - sadly, it is an unneutered tom (so it might go back home via the vets), but she did say she hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed we find him, before we have too many pregnant females.
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That's awesome!

That's exactly what I want to be...only when I retire though...
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I didn't look at it like that!! Wish I could retire, but am way too young for that - I seem to be doing things the wrong way round really!!
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It's recognition of all you do for cats, so a real compliment!
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Thanks, will look at it that way!!
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
It's recognition of all you do for cats, so a real compliment!
Thats what I was thinking..people know how much you care about kitties
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Well I hope they find him and get him neutered.
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I hope they find him and start taking care of him! But, that is a compliment to you. You aren't the "crazy cat lady", you are the one that cares about cats and keeps an eye out for them.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady! At least we all have each other!
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Congrats!! hope the poor kitty is found
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