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uh, projectile vomiting

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First post here, hoping to get some sane & sound advice or comfort, as it's Sunday morning and I can't talk to a vet until tomorrow.

For the second time in about a month or so, my two-year-old recently-spayed female cat has projectile vomited.

TONS of puke. Probably more than I ever have thrown up in my life. Coming out very fast, very watery, mostly undigested food. The first time I was amazed she could keep that much in her stomach at all.

I honestly don't remember what food she was on the first time, but I've recently switched her over to Purina's "Sensitive Digestive System" formula due to super-smelly poos.

She otherwise appears very healthy; her coat is smooth & shiny, she's eating & drinking well, holding her weight, and acting just as bizarre and smug as she always has.

Any ideas??
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Wow. Honestly I have no idea. Wish I could help but all I can offer is some good vibes and hope someone else will be along shortly to help you out. Definitely see your vet tomorrow and let us know what he/she says.

Doesn't it ALWAYS seem they get sick on the weekends when vets aren't available? I swear they all time it for the weekends....
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I hope she will be ok. Sometimes it means something is stuck inside them when they Vomit that way. You said it happened before though so it dosent sound like that. Mine seem to get Sick on Holidays and weekends too. I end up at the Er Vet paying alot more.
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You really should take her to an ER vet if one is available. Projectile vomiting can be VERY serious and deadly if something is blocked inside her.
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