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Living Room Walls will not be "leather"

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We wanted to give a leather look to our living room walls. However, after patching some cracks and primer the spots, we came to the conclusion that this is not gonna work. The walls are plaster and for some reason the paint just is not giving us the right look in the spots that were patched.

Its good paint - that's not the problem. DH has done enough renovations to know. So we decided that we would just do a double coat of paint on the walls and hopefully that will take care of the problem.

In the library, those walls, when we do that room, will be sponge painted - rose color

BTW we love the new color on the living room walls - its a tan color and we will have red curtains
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That sounds very cool. I worked at a kitchen place that had someone do Venetian Plastering to get the leather look on one wall.
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What is a "leather" look?
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
What is a "leather" look?

Also, would love to see pics~~
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Well the leather look is like the texture/lines you'd find in a leather couch. It was working on some parts of the wall fine - but then we got to the patched part.

You basically paint the wall (small sections at a time) and then put on plastic - thin painter's plastic sheets. You crinkle them against the wet paint so to resemble a "leather" like finish. That's why you have to do it a section at a time and not the entire wall. Let the plastic sit on the wall for about 10 mins, then slowly peel it off.

And after we have the walls painted with the new red curtains - then I'll take pics and post
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That sounds really neat! I can't wait to see pics!
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But it won't be the leather look - it will be the normal tan walls with the red curtains. Eventually the living room/dining room will have cream or light tan carpet (living room) and the dining area into the hallway will have maple wood floors. We found out that under the ugly brown carpet in there now is a maple wood floor - will have to sand that and polyurethane that so it doesn't get scratched from the dog's nails
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