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The perfect litter setup..who has it?

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Since everyone is always asking advice on litter, boxes, etc.. I thought it would be helpful if everyone who thinks they have the perfect setup lists what they have.

Here's my masterpiece -

Litter Box - Clevercat...great at limiting tracking, simple to clean, and is solidly built.

Litter - Dr Elsey's Precious dust, no smell, cats like it. I'd use World's Best if my cats liked it.

Scooper - DuraScoop...metal, well built, will never go plastic again.

Vacuum - HOOVER S2105...cordless, rechargeable, and best of all turns on by just bending the handle.

Waste disposal - United Receptacle ST7EWHPL...This is a 7 gallon biohazard trashcan which completely seals in odor.
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Does the clevercat really eliminate tracking (or mostly eliminate it)? I would love to hear from others who use it as well. I am looking for a solution.
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We have 2 large high sided Sterilite tubs with entrances cut into them. One box is upstairs, one is downstairs (we have a 2-level townhome). I use Special Kitty Scoop (clumps well, low dust, my cats like it) for litter.

I scoop into a bag (shopping bag or 4 gal trash bag) and toss each time. I vacuum frequently, and have a dustbuster for touch ups between vacuuming.
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My set up works very well for me. The 2 litter boxes are in a closet with a cat flap installed in the door.

litter box - 33 L Sterlite storage boxes modified to work as sifting Feline Pine boxes.

litter - Feline Pine pellets. Completely neutralizes urine odor and works as well as anything else for "other" odor.

scoop - Standard plastic. I could use anything since I only need to scoop out solid waste and anything works well for that.

vacuum - Not needed. Dust pan and brush are all that are needed to sweep up the few pellets that make it outside the boxes.

waste disposal - Toilet for twice daily flushing of solid waste. The sawdust that gathers in the bottom is dumped twice a week in biodegradeable plastic bags and put in the garbage.
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I went to petco this afternoon, looking for the clevercat top entry litterbox and of course they did not have it, so I bought a booda dome with steps. We will see how that works and if they like it (they have used it so far). The only drawback is because of its size and shape it did not fit where I had their other litterbox. Oh well, we are moving anyway.
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My sister-in-law has a clever cat for their cat...seems to do prety well, especially with the tread on the lid to trap litter. One thing to note though, if your cat does not like going in boxes or other small spaces, they wouldn't like three looked at me like I was crazy when I showed them her box.

To the OP:
Although not perfect, my paren'ts house has a seperate waterheater room that the cats can access via a cat flap (and we can via a door from the garage). This, plus the Omega paw roll-away box, two petmate litter mats, and a steel trashcan (covered, foot operated open) make for a good setup... Plus, the cement floor, and a broom and dust pan make for easy cleanup... Litter is WBCL, but I've had to switch to feline pine scoop (possible allergy issues). My scoop of choice is a metal fried foods strainer (rubberized handle, metal grid to catch the clumps). Very sturdy.

This is close, but perfect would be same setup but with the WBCL and a litter robot

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We found odor control with WBCL and our robot to be a problem. The WBCL did not coat the poos well, and there was a constant poo smell around the Robot (which is inside a wooden cabinet) and a "total house smell" whenever one would poo, which would last for about 1/2 an hour. With 3 cats using the 'bot, it became a problem, and they eventually stopped using the litter altogether, instead used the carpet beside the robot.

I think I'll give the Precious Cat a try. The dust and strong perfume smell of most clay scoopables is a real turn off for us.

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I don't know about it being the perfect set up, but this is my setup...

5 very large boxes, 4 in the basement, one in the upstairs "foster room", 3 are very high sided.

Scoop Away litter, I've yet to find something to rivel the odor control.

The scoops are just a durable plastic.

My disposal is a Scoop Away litter bucket with a grocery bag (great use for those grocery bags), turned into a "litter disposal". The bag is dumped usually once to twice a week.

Fortunetely for me, it isn't really a concern about the tracking. Since the majority of the boxes are in the basement. I only have a box in the upstairs when I have a foster. So I can just sweep up the basement floor with a broom when it gets dirty.

The box that is in the upstais is on a large plastic tray that is from a supersized dog cage (plenty big enough for my dobe, it doubles as a cat condo when I need to cage any fosters or post-surgery kitties). Anyway, it serves to keep the majority of the litter off the floor, since it can be hard to get it out of the carpeting.
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Mine works pretty well:

Litter: Fresh Step Unscented. Clumps great, little dust, good odor control.

Box: Booda Dome regular with a litter catching mat in front of it. Works well because we have a smaller cat, and it is easy to clean.

Scooper: Generic plastic pooper scooper.

Vacuum:A Hoover my mom gave me for great!
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