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Sunday! Anything Special Planned?

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Morning All!

Cloudy here this morning and is suppose to warm up to 5 degrees by this afternoon.
We're having a heatwave

Pretty typical Sunday for me, heading off to work shortly, will be working until 4, then I have to pick up a few things at the grocery store since it will be closed tomorrow due to the holiday.

Might grab a couple of video's for tonight not sure yet.

Kitties are good this morning, watching the Blue Jays at the bird feeder.

Everyone have a good day
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its already half way through sunday for me! work tomorrow erg! just cleaning the house, its sunny outside i think we might go to the beer garden to get a beer!
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Just a run to grocers for wet food for the kits and to the gym.

Otherwise just being lazy.
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Well if you look at the US weather map we are in the midst of a tremendous storm!!
Its been freezing rain for almost 3 hours now-they plow came through a little bit ago scraping the ice and salting heavily!! The temps are going to drop and then the snow begins!! We are supposed to get over nine inches-if it was snowing now instead of raining we would have had several inches by now.
We have a movie rental that I'm not sure we will return. In addition I wanted to listen to Hilary Clinton early this afternoon but not with these roads!! It might be canceled anyway.
So doing some laundry and internet surfing now. Might have to take a nap this afternoon as I had a terribly upset stomach last night.

Enjoy your day!!
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It is going to be sunny this pm, 62 F (17 C). Vegging this morning, then going to salsa class taught by Leyder, the Cuban hotie. Then, I get an afternoon off because Hubby and our son are going to play miniature golf. I think I will rent some chick flicks.
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Not much planned here, just trying to get John to get his homework done today. He wants to watch something on TV later that will be on all afternoon, so I'll probably just be sitting here at the computer most of the day.

It's really warm out today, but rainy off and on so I probably won't get to go outside much and enjoy the warm.
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Today is my great aunt's 85th birthday and me and most of my family planned a surprise party for her so I'll be spending most of my time there.
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Good day everyone!!

Not alot planned today..need to get some groceries but not sure if I have the energy to!!
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DH and I are going with his sister and her husband to Indy to get our Sprint accounts updated, etc. The only way for me and my sister-in-law to change our names on our phone accounts is at a corporate store...and the one in Indy is the closest.

After we take care of our phone accounts, we're going to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Mmmmmm...
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I have been to the gym already....and now I am thinking of cleaning a bit and then maybe going to a friends house tonight
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I had work all morning- when i got there this morning someone had dumped off a 5 month old torti kitten (jerks!). Then my coworker brought in another cat that he had trapped. When I went back in the kennels this morning to do a wellness check on all the dogs before getting started on cleaning and meds, i noticed something was MAJORLY wrong with Nina, one of our black labs who recently came in. There was blood all over the kennel, inside and outside as well as vomit and diarrhea. She was leaned over with her head on her water bucket bairly breathing. Yesterday she was fine- running around - clean kennel, no signs of any problems. My coworker thinks that she suffered internal bleeding as a result of blunt force trauma to her abdominal section. She was found wondering around one of the streets nearby a few days ago- so it's very possible she had been hit by a car or kicked by someone and took a few days to slowly bleed before we noticed. Sometimes there's no warning signs until they start to fade quickly She also came in with a massive absess to her little ear that we had been treating. Poor girl- she was soo miserable today I wrapped her up in a big blanket and just held her during her last moments. I wish we could have saved her, but she was way too far gone. It happened soo quickly too. So I called my boss to come in and help us put her down. We wound up having to put another one i liked a lot down as well as she had drastically gone downhill since yesterday. (We strongly believe she had distemper as a pup and just had not recovered well - she also had a URI and was kept in isolation). When my boss got there we three wound up having to stay about two hours late so we could put down both very ill dogs It was not the best morning. I hate days like that - fortunately they don't seem to happen too horribly often.

After I got done with work, i was exhausted so i came home and took a long, much needed nap!I feel a lot better since my nap too! I've got dinner on the stove right now and I'm just waiting for Colin to take his lunch break so we can eat together.
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it's Monday now for me! i didn't do much yesterday, had a quiet one
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