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Question about kitten behavior, and...well kitten poop

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I've gotten some wonderful advice so far on this board from a number of people. To be honest it's really made my experience with my kittens much more relaxed and tons more fun.

Here's the story right now. I've got 2 kittens that I thought were 3 weeks old. The vet informed me they were more like 2. But tomorrow marks 1 week so now they really are 3

I've been dealing with some really stinky little kittens. I can't keep the poop cleaned off their little bottoms. When I stimulate them they go still immediately when beginning. The problem is they instantaneously freak out the moment they're done. Each time they like to smear poop all over themselves, as well as my hand frequently which is just a joyous thing. How can something so small make something that stinks that bad?????

Anyway, I saw some 'cat wipes' at petsmart the other day. I've got some 'Mr Clean wipes" i use for my kitchen. Are these the same thing? I've got to figure out how to clean this. It's funny, I tried it with a paper towel I wetted down. Well, during the cleaning I apparently stimulated her again, so we were back to square one.

I'd think the stuff in the mr clean could be harmful if kittens lick it so I havent used it. Are the "cat wipes' safe? if so I'll go buy a few cases tomorrow.

Next, to the bahavior. The vet gave me some 'nutri-cal' to give to the kittens. Just a tiny spot and twice a day. it's to help get enough nutrients for the kitties when they might not be getting enough. I have to sort of rub this stuff on the roof of their mouth. they won't eat it on their own. But i think this has created a problem. Now no matter what I do, the kittens spend most of their time with me chewing on my fingers. sometimes talking my pinky all the way in their mouth so far i think they'll choke. They root around lke they're looking for nips from mom. I think this stuff has taught them that my fingers contain dinner. What can I do to stop this behavior? it's cute at first, annoying later, and down right obnoxious quickly. I certainly can't fault the cats. They're just learning what I'm teaching them. So i'm thinking there must be a better way to do this.

Could this also be a response from the fact that I bottle feed them so they know my hands DO contain dinner?

Thanks again for all the help. I'm covered in poop and my finger tips look like raisins now from all the licking and chewing.
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Mr. Clean Wipes ARE NOT the same. Don't use them.

I don't waste $$ on cat wipes, I use paper towels with a bit of dawn(specifically dawn) dishsoap.

The chewing is because they are cutting teeth. It's something they all do. I advise approaching this one carefully, as it could turn into adult kitties biting.

As for the poop all over, they will eventually grow out of it, I promise. That's the "light at the end" of your tunnel!
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That's sort of what I thought about the wipes so I didn't use them. I'm too lazy to do the soap and paper towel thing so I think i'll get some cat wipes tomorrow.

yeah the poop thing just comes with the territory. I'm ok with that. When I stimulate them I hold them over the litter box. I got a really small kitten box. so they can climb into it. This morning the little girl decided she had to pee, so she walked over next to the box and went. she missed, but at least she tried!

Then today I guess I waited too long to stimulate and she uh.. had an accident. In her cat donut in their room, and they promptly smeared it all over each other, the side of the tub, the blanket I cover them with and of course the donut itself.

I will be buying a new donut tomorrow. A cheap one until this phase has passed.

oh, I like this picture too

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O M G! The little girl is so precious The cat wipes should be fine. I remember someone saying they used baby wipes, too. As long as the soap is gentle and non-toxic, it should be okay.

In a couple of weeks, all the poop yeckies will be behind you. In a year, they will never believe you when you tell them what little stinkers they were

As for the feeding and raisin fingers, that too should be resolved when they start eating kitten food. I know the wait seems forever now, but it really does pass quickly. When they are eating on their own, then you can start weaning from your fingers. Someone else with more experience in this area will be along soon. It has been eons since anyone nibbled my fingers.

Good luck
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Yep, I use natural baby wipes, but only have to occasionally. It might be worth the extra money to buy cat wipes if they'll be used on their skin/bum more often.
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Well I went to petsmart today. man I can't walk out of that place without spending a hundred bucks. Why is it everything I want to buy is expensive?

KMR is 8 bucks a can. But man it sure is worth it. I also got some cat wipes which I'm very glad I did. They smell great, and i swear the cats love them. I cleaned them both after the most recent 'mud' bath, and they both went over to the box of wipes afterwards and kept smelling it. Then climbed on top and smelled some more. That stuff sure helps and takes that smell from the kittens. Like I said, very happy with it. Thought 12 bucks for 100 wipes was a lot but just like the KMR they're worth it.

I also bought two more bottles so I've got like 5 now. It's easier to keep a few, because I like to boil them after each use, so i can just let them sit in the water on the next feeding and use a new one. For some reason they kittens are getting a little agressive with things. They dig at the nipples now and start chewing on it. then they 'dig' on my fingers, and runt each other out of the way. Teething I guess.

I also got some tiny cans of kitten food so I can begin to get them on solid food next week. I got 3 little cans. A couple times I've taken a plastic can lid (like the size of a tuna can but really shallow) and mixed in a little KMR. At first i did it really mushy but I've been letting it get a little more firm. The boy kitty loves it and other than mistakenly chewing on the little a lot he's getting the hang on it. The girl won't even touch it yet. But in time she'll get it.

I also got them a new, better kitty bed. it's got almost a velvet feel to the inside and I know they'll love it. They're cheap. THink it was like 26 bucks.

I'm also thrilled to report the little boy made it to the littler box and peed. First time for either!
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Awww....your little babies are growing up! :
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Fastnoc -you're doing a great job! You're a terrific kitty daddy! And your hard work will pay off.
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How sweet! Keep us posted! I love reading the updates on your little guys!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Awww....your little babies are growing up! :
They sure are. I weighed them today. I've got an electric scale for measuring food. it's hard to get them to sit still long enough though.

I don't know what the norm is, or what it's suppose to be. The boy weighed 9.5 ounces a week ago today. Now he weighs 13.5oz. he's getting a fat little belly. It's so cute watching him walk because he has to move his legs around his little budha belly. I laugh when he gets excited and tries to run.

The little girl hasn't gained nearly as much. She too was about 9.5 oz. But now she's only 11.6oz. I think it's just their nature. Sometimes she doesn't eat all her food.

Speaking of food. Anyone know how much I should increase their portions? The vet told me last week to do 15ml each. But the little boy just wasn't getting enough. I upped him to 20ml. But they've both grown. I am thinking about going up to 20 for her and 25 for him. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Fastnoc -you're doing a great job! You're a terrific kitty daddy! And your hard work will pay off.
You know, it's a labor of love. They're so helpless. It's a pretty rewarding feeling to be needed by something so little.

Originally Posted by Ashley45 View Post
How sweet! Keep us posted! I love reading the updates on your little guys!
Thanks! I'll take some more pictures. I wish I had a decent camera. The pics I'm taking are on my Verizon Voyager. Good cam for a phone, but I'd like to keep some of these baby pics to remind me years later how tiny they started life.

Ok, now to the bad part. The little girl is not feeling well. She's had bad diarrhea and she crys a LOT. She stopped playing as much and isn't frisky at all. I think I might have been feeding them too often, and I'm sure that could have something to do with it. Strange the little boy isn't having the problem.

Her poop being straight liquid makes for numerous 'accidents'. I swear she feels bad when she goes 'on the fly'. I always clean her right up and hold her real close for a little so she feels better. But there's a problem brewing. her little bum is getting red, and swollen. I think it hurts her when I try to stimulate her. If it doesn't get better today I'll be taking her to the vet again tomorrow. I'd really like to avoid that. It's getting expensive. Well, shoot it already got expensive. They charge me at least $150.00 every time I walk in the door.

I'll follow up. man I should have made a blog about this for archiving
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Ah, their little tummies are soooo delicate. And at this tender age, they are still quite fragile. Look at it this way re: the cost. What if you had a sick child?

Yeah, vets are costly. Do you like yours? Do you want to change? You could shop around....

But does sound like you need professional medical advice about the little calico... as indicated before- runs, crying, change in behavior for the worse, all not-good signs.

PS -when I look at the little female, the word "Pinky" pops into my mind - she's so little and has the cute little pink nose.
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hehe they're so cute!! I hope Sissy is feeling better! You can use baby wipes, and those only cost 4 bucks for 120 wipes! I get the sensitive skin kind because their little bums can become almost raw from anything else! My favorite kind is pampers for the sensitive! If you get the huggies they're so thick that its almost irritating!! I really hope Sissy and Wilbur are doing better! Please let me know!!
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Well a couple updates.

First off I haven't been online doing anything the last couple days. The little girl took a turn for the worse. She got real lazy again, and the poops came back runnier than ever.

Finally got her to the vet today. She's got Coccidiosis. Lovely! At least I know it wasn't my fault she had the runs. Got some medicine though. giving it to both since she'll probably give it to him.

BUT, we made another break through. Both of them now 'dig' a hole to poop in so they're learning well. But check this out!

Both eating dry kitten food! Science Diet for Kittens. So cool to watch them progress.
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Oh! How sweet! Keep posting the pics!
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Yeah, coccidia is a real pain. We had a litter of shelter kitties come in with it -- blood in the stool, and runny poops. Took a long time to clear it up b/c they kept giving it to each other.
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