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Old Age has Finally caught up with DumDum

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I adopted DumDum as a feral kitten in tropical but dangerous environment in Florida. This little kitten had survived by finding an abandoned car to take refuge up in the engine. All around were dangerous predators, including rattle snakes, water moccasins, an alligator, osprey, owls and fire ants. Now, it is 20 years later (DumDum is 20 years old, 21 in April), and DumDum has had a good life. He has had excellent health up until the last few months. He has lost weight and feels like all bones now. His hips are starting to deteriorate, and his gate can be wobbly. Also, he is constipated, though he urinates well. I know that sometimes when he tries to poo, he is in pain because of the hardness and size of his feces--his poor little butt-ster; when I notice this, I have given him relief with an enema using a slightly modified baby medicine syringe or a baby suppository. He will usually go--at least a little-- within a minute or two. Neither of us enjoys this, but he seems to know it's necessary, verbalizing but not scratching or biting. DumDum is nearly 21 years old with minimal vet visits and overall excellent health throughout his life. Up until the last year, he had 24 hour access to the outside and didn't have a litter box--he went outside. Now he has a small 2nd floor porch to go outside. I know his end is nearing, and I want him to be as comfortable and happy as possible. I hope he goes peacefully and that I am by his side to lesson his fear. I never knew that when I saw the little blue eyed kitten munching a lizard that he would become the best friend I ever had.
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I am glad your cat is Old. Mine is turning 16 this month or next. Time sure goes by fast. I sure hope I get one that hits that age. Sorry his age is catching up tp him.
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I am sorry to hear he is starting to struggle, but I would be tempted to get some bloods run, in case there is soemthing you can manage that will buy him more time. I have a 15yo with constipation issues, she gets LActulose (a stool softener) every couple of days rather than enema's, it might be worth considering.
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Wow what a wonderful story. Yes its hard when you have to let go. Just remember the good times - not the bad ones. And remember he will be waiting for you all young and healthy at Rainbow Bridge one day
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I, too, was thinking, Wow, what a story. And what a life you've given him, especially when you look at where he started.
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