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A Priceless moment!!!

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Well....most of you know about my bathroom ordeal and how my husband decided last saturday that he was renovating. Well......this is one week and a day from his well intentioned plan and I am still bath/showerless. I have had the honor of being able to take one bath (I believe on wed???) because he hooked up some hoses to the pipes and filled the tub for me.

Now, for the priceless moment. He has been attempting to work on it this weekend but was not able to because of, once again, the weather. And, tonight....he got dispatched to a train on fire (we were gone to town for a few minutes so he missed the call but, dropped us off at home and went to see what had happened at the site of the fire) Which meant, less time to work on the bath.

As I type this, my hubby has fallen asleep inside the tub. I type this, a part of me is saying: let's see how long he'll stay there! :LOL: Oh...the wicked side of me has come out!!!!! I shouldn't have these naughty thoughts but....I do!

I don't know when he'll ever get the job done. There's always something. Tonight, before he fell asleep in his new bed, he claimed that it was too hot, he was too tired etc....etc.. (although I know he is.....I still don't have compassion right now) I want to take a nice long, hot bath or shower!!!

Wish I had film in my camera! Hey....I think I do!!! hehehe
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Got the picture! The flash woke him up, he looked at me, said a few not so nice things and is now back to snoring gently in the tub!

this is toooooo funny. Wish you guys were here to see this!
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:LOL: That just sounds too funny! :LOL:
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Oooooh, go ahead leave hubby in that bathtub!!!!!
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ohhh good one!
when you get that picture developed, make sure you post it!

ohh woman you are evil!
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Ghyslaine, that is so funny! I hope you will share the picture with us!
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That is so funny! You have to show us the picture!

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Oh, I am definately posting his picture here!!! That'll teach him! :LOL:

(I have 24 more pictures to take though...the film is brand new!hmmmm.....wonder what other silly thing he'll do!)
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Sleeping in the tub! That is too funny.

wonder what other silly thing he'll do!
He's a man, so there will be an endless number of silly things, I am sure.
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Now that is a very interesting version of falling asleep on the job!!!!

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*snicker* As promised! lol ..... ummm, he will definately kill me after this so I shall say my farewells now!

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So sorry.....can't seem to figure out how to post pictures properly
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that is too funny!!!!!!!!
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Ha Ha That's great!
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Oh Man! I can't see the pic! It starts out like there's going to be one... and then it just disappears.

But my internet connection is acting funny today, so I'm pretty sure it's me....


(Thanks for getting the role of film developed though, Ghys! )

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Ghys, I love that pic!!!
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Hehehe, great pic!
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ROFL!! I love it! That's tooooo funny!
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Ghys, You naughty girl! That is hilarious. I hope your bathroom is finished now?
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LOL - yes! The bathroom is finally finished! It took 3 weekends to complete., after his occasional 'breaks', no wonder it took sooooooooo long! hehe

Vikki...funny thing is...he actually does fall asleep just about anywhere. This time, it was in a spot not many people have (at least not when the tub is empty!)

Laurie, let me know if you still can't see it. I'll email it!

What is not visible in this picture is that he 'had' a pencil and paper in his hands prior to leaning back. he was taking
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Hahahahaha.. that made me giggle sooo much.
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Does this confirm that thread that said 'men are crazy'. Silly guys, can't live without them (who'd change litter everyday?) and want to smash them when they're here(sometimes).Thanks for the silly photo,
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