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Ripster Update

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She is lethargic today, so I leave soon to take her to MY vet. She is still not peeing or moving her bowels either. =( I spoke with my vet, and he is going to requisition the records from the other vet, once I have the chart notes and stuff in front of me, I will decide how to proceed from there.

Please say a prayer that Rip will be okay and that the litterbox sees some action and soon!
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Dear Hissy,

I haven't seen you in so long; it's nice to see your name on the bulletins once again. I'm so sorry that this I see you when I have returned...I try to get here as often as I can, but not as much as I would like. I pray Ripster's health will be back soon and your worries be over also.

Love &
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I wish her well. I am sure YOUR vet is going to help her the way she should have been. I will be thinking of you guys!!
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She has spiked a little bit of a temp, but he examined her throughly and said she really does look good for what happened to her. He took out her drains, gave me some more antibiotic, and will see me back in a week. I feel so much better now that she has been examined by him. Poor guy though, he is so good with cats but highly allergic, and this little girl was stress-shedding big time! LOL About her not defecating, he said it hurts her to go, so she will hold off until it is less painful, and she is urinating....just not in the litterbox. Now upstairs I go to scrub and clean and find out where her potty spot might be. *G*
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Dear Hissy, it's good to hear that's she's doing much better. That sigh of relief is so refreshing to my ears too!

Take care hon...
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Guess who was waiting at the foot of the stairs this morning clamoring to get out of prison? LOL Yep, the Ripster, she was meowing at the door when we got up. She followed me back up the stairs and I fed her. I have started putting a lot of water in her canned food because she was becoming dehydrated. I looked at her belly (she looks good) no pulling at her stitches, no fever and absolutely the BEST news the litterbox saw some action last night!!! THANK YOU ALL for your prayers! And Thank You too to God who watches out for us all!
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Hissy, I'm so glad to see/hear that she is (obviously) feeling better. Tell her that Uncle Chuck wishes her well.
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Dear Hissy!!!

What wonderful news...I can always remember the feeling when one of my babies has that luster back in their eyes! Congratulations..you're such a good Mommy! :

Love &
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Wooooo - what a relief! I'm so glad she's doing well!
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Wow, I think this is the first time i've seen anyone so happy about poo's in the litter box!

Really, though, it's great to hear that Ripster is doing well
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That is wonderful news! I am so happy to hear that she is doing so much better!
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