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first time in snow (pic heavy)

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Today since it was nice out for a change I let the cats out on the back steps to get some fresh air...

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I love black cats! Thanks for sharing.They look very curious and alert!!
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Awwww they look like they don't know what to make of it all

What the hecks this white stuff mum!!
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never mind that they came in and kept shaking their
got cold feet
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Hehe, they look so confuzzled! Great pics!
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aww! cute
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The cats are sure interested in that snow.
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Great pictures!!
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Awwww how cute!!! i havent teken mine out in the snow this year... They dont like to be cold.. I should just to get a few pics though!
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What beauties...very striking against all that white!!!

Mine are wimps...they hate snow...they don't go out at all in the winter unless they are perched on my shoulder!!!
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LOL! nice shots there. I certainly like the tongues out ones. They seem to be a cross between meerkats and snakes the way they are behaving
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How cute... they look so curious.

On a side note, please ditch the flea collar. They are actually toxic to animals... it's better to treat with something like frontline.
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OHHH I love your cats - both are very pretty solid blacks. Are they littermates?
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nope not littermates...
at least I don't think so..humane society had them in 2 different areas...
and had their birthdates around a month apart...
salem june 20th, 07 and sabrina july 25, 07
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Oh my gosh these are so cute! I wish we got snow here. My cat has only seen snow once but he loved it too. I'm surprised they can stand on the ice without it being cold on their little paws.
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all great pics! The 6th one down was my favorite...the color was just wonderful.

Black cats on white snow...they have such wonder in their eyes. Guess they appreciate having warm feet again! lol
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