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cat health--Flat Feet

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Has anyone out there had this problem? My 15-year-old cat is extremely heavy and waddles. She walks flatfooted and cannot retract one of her claws. She doesn't seem to be in pain. I was just wondering if she will ever walk normally again or if her problem is just due to weight and age and she'll have to live with it.
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Hmmm, just going by what you have told us thus far. I say bring your kitty to the vet and get a full evaluation done on her. Ask about the claw, and her weight problem.
It is very unhealthy for cats to be over weight, just like humans, it can cause several health problems, as well as shorten their life span.
Talk to your vet about a good diet to get her on, and hopefully ovetime you will start to see your kitty slim up and look/act healthier!

I've only ever met one cat who had the claw problem, but was with all of her front claws, for some reason she couldn't retract them. She wasn't my cat and I never really found out why she was this way. But hopefully someone here will have a little more info for you while you get your next vet appointment.

Good luck!
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I would agree that a checkup should be done. Being older and over weight, it could be causing the problem. There may be something wrong with her tendon, or could be developing arthritis. Sometimes if there's an injury to the paw, it can cause them to walk flat, but you said it's all her feet.
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