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Originally Posted by Laurie314 View Post
A friend of mine is a Mail carrier. She called me this morning about a male cat that was nearly frozen and so skinny. He was laying on the hood of her mail truck (for warmth). He was very lovable and kept trying to get inside the truck or up inside her coat She called me and of course I met her on her route with a carrier and food.
He is an orange tabby, but severly malnourished and very cold. He was dirty and seemed to have some kind of motor oil all over him. I brought him home and cleaned him up..he is just skin and bones.
He seems lovable and is loving the pampering.
I have him secludid in a large cage with several thick blankets and a pillow to lay on, sounds crazy but he is so boney, i think he needs something extra soft to lay on. He knows the litter box and has already used it several times. He is eating like a little pig but I am giving food to him slowly so he does not get sick. I also have a electric heater near him to warm his frail body up. For now I named him BUDDY.
Anything else anybody can think of??
My friend might keep him but, I think as for right now he should have quiet and just recuperate from the cold outdoors..(been below freezing). He seems so frail. I told her a vet visit is in order very soon. He looks healthy, clear eyes, ears, and no congestion.Except for being very skinny and cold he seems ok. He was someones cat..shame on them!! I am trying to be nice...want to say much worse.

you are an angel. I am praying for this sweet kitty.
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Originally Posted by Kelicat View Post
I'm glad he is doing well! He probably has parasites too, namely tapeworms, and that can contribute the frantic eating also, in addition to just being starving!

Thanks for the update!
I wantedto give him a few days to calm down and get through the shock of eating a regular diet before I deworm him. Thats next on my list...I did flea treat him even though he did not have fleas, which was surprising because he was so dirty.
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