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Please everyone,we need a miracle!

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I just got some horrible/devastating news from my mom!!

I have a second cousin(Peggy) that has alwats had lung problems and female problems that have affected her to get pregnant, well she did and had a ehalthy boy that is 13 mos old, but now she is 6 mos pregnant with her second baby and is terribly ill from pneumonia and outlook isnt so good for her. If you would please say a prayer for her and her unborn baby. I am attaching the email I recieved.

Aunt Millie called this morning - Peggy had a very tough night - the Dr. decided to do the blood transfusion (low iron) and it took about two hours to just get the needle situated in her bad veins then the transfusion itself took some time - Peggy is very tired from all of this - it will be a few hours before they can do more blood work to see if the transfusion is helping. IF the transfusion did not help Peggy will be transferred to the hospital in Spokene which is approximately 1 1/2 hour drive from their home. So far the baby is still doing all right. Thanks Aunt Donna

Thanks guys!!!
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Prayers for Peggy and her baby to pull through.
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Prayers and vibes from here in Alabama!
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Prayers for her
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Awww, how scary. I am sending many vibes for her and the baby
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Sending lots of vibes!
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Many many prayers and vibes heading that way for positive updates!
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Healing vibes coming her way!!!

That's just got to be so scary
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Aww! Sending to you and your family!
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They will be in my prayers.
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Prayers are on the way.
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Aw how scary for everyone! Prayers and vibes for Peggy and the baby.
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Tons of vibes headed that way!!
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Hope all goes well!!
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Prayers from MN!!! Hugs And kitty rubs!!!
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& headed your way!
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I am so sorry, that must be so scary, many many many coming your families way! I hope everything goes better

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I will keep them in my prayers
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Oh my! I will be praying for Peggy and the unborn child along with her family!!
She is in my thoughts!!

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she and the baby will be in my thoughts and prayers
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and plenty of for Peggy and her unborn baby
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Sending plenty of prayers, and positive vibes to Peggy and her unborn child. And many hugs for you and the rest of the family.
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Wishing the best of outcomes!!!!!!!!
I'm not good with words.
But I sincerely hope all goes well!
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