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Please, don't throw rocks at the racoons. You could hurt them. They're just doing what comes natural to them and what they have to do to survive, just like cats do.

Also, please don't catch wild rabbits to keep them as pets. Wild animals are best off left in the wild and they don't make good pets. They can also carry diseases and parasites that can spread to your cats inside.
These baby rabbits are old enough to make it on their own and don't need human help. The best thing for the rabbits would be to be released asap. If you don't want them in your yard you can release them somewhere else. But please don't keep them. It's not kind to the rabbits.

Good luck!
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Thanks for your advice, Ziggy'smom.

Yes, I do regret throwing a rock at them. I should not have done it.
In fact, it sounded like rock landed on my husband's car which happened to be parked in the drive way that night. I was worried if my rock cracked the windshield. (it didn't though.)
Hissing to show them I am mad at them won't hurt.

I don't keep bunnies as pet. Rule of our house is to leave what's wild be in wild. I usually keep bunnies until dusk or early morning to release them. Sometimes they only survive for few hours anyway. In that case, I burry it in my yard.
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Wow, what an amazing story!! Can't wait for the next update.

As for the wild critters, I agree about not trying to hurt them. They are just trying to survive, but I do understand that you don't want them in your yard Hiss away at them! lol

The last pic of the coon looks like a young one, so probably a sibling pair. I'd get a hold of the local wildlife rescue/relocation society and see if they can help you trap and relocate the coons. Good luck!
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Seattle is having winter like weather already. Our summer was really short this year.
As soon as season has changed, kitties changed their life style.
First of all, they are eating much more. During the summer, they all lost weight and became thinner. They were not interested in food as much either.
Now, they are eating twice as much and all come inside every night.
They seem to be more sleepier than before. (actually, me, too! LOL)

I don't leave food out much after dark, but raccoons keep visiting few times a week. I wonder what entices them to visit…. They should know there is no food here by now. I do have pear on my tree, though. I wonder that's attracting them?
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Torako came home little later than usual tonight.
Then I have notice her left arm and paw is 1.5 times fatter than her right.
She is not limping, but she seems to be little tender there.
She was able to jump up the cat tree. I examined her arm but she was not in pain.
I wonder she was stung by bee or something? I need to see how she would be tomorrow.
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Torako's paw is back to normal.
I wonder what it was...
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Tribute to Jule the cat

When my kitties showed up in my yard, I searched internet like crazy to find out everything about feral cat. While doing so, I stumbled on one of Japanese blog site "Jule's tail".
A couple lived near a parking lot where neighborhood ferals gather. Among them was Jule. She had chronic sinus infection and always laying on top of old mattress. When typhoon was approaching, she was still at the parking lot soaking wet. That prompted this couple to shelter her right away. After discovering Jule being FIV positive, they decided to adopt her. Jule recovered very well, but suffered with various health conditions from FIV.
Owner of the blog, Hana*-san took care of her, and Jule also gave this couple so much joy and happiness. Blog was full of warmth and gave every reader soothing comfort.

Hana*-san couple also started to collect signature for the reform of Japanese shelter. Currently, 99% of animals in shelters are killed within 48 hours and their method is not the best one for animals.

Jule went quietly this week. She lived little more than 8 years.
I never knew her in person, but I couldn't stop crying.

The blog site is http://blog.goo.ne.jp/jule2856. It is written in Japanese but with full of pictures.
Jule's last resting picture looks just like she is still sleeping with flowers.
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Winter is here! Kitties are fattening up for the season.

Torako and Leo spend more time inside but Torao seems more comfortable out side during the day.
But he stays in the yard most of the time and peeks inside whenever food dish is empty.
He is still scardy kitty but getting much better than last year.
Weather man is predicting Seattle area to have a cold winter with snow. I wonder kitties would enjoy it this time around?
I remember Torako was diving in to the snow 2 years ago. Even though temperature was way below freezing, kitties chose to go out side to have fun in the snow. I think they enjoyed watching birds come by the feeder...
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Today, I just realized heating pad in the cat house has not been working. (like this one. http://www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com/shop/index.php?page=shop-flypage-10202)
When I cleaned up the Raccoon mess, I noticed part of it has been melted. It looked like pad over heated on top of carpet + insulation. I thought about replacing with soft one, but decided to stay with same hard one.
We may have first snow this weekend. I have ordered the pad already, but it won't get here until next week.
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It's snowing for the first time in the season.
Outdoor temp has been below freezing past few days and it will stay that way for few more days.

Hopefully, I am getting the heated mat delivered tomorrow.
Torako usually sleeps in until late, but she was very anxious to go out side today.
She like snow. I thought cat don't like cold but she is different. She was so excited I saw her running around in the yard. I remember her diving in to the snow when we had snow storm few years agao…
Leo, on the other hand, doesn't like being cold. He comes inside often and stays longer. All kitties come inside early evening.
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Do you still have the mama cat? I didn't see her mentioned.
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Mother cat, Konne, and sister cat Torami chose not to stay.
As soon as I released them all to my yard, mom kitty decided to leave the territory. I even had animal communicator to change her mind…
Torami was around to visit for feeding, but eventually driven out by Torao.
Torao didn't see her as his sister anymore and she was just a intruder to him.
So, we have 2 kitties staying out of original clan and I have adopted gray one from the shelter.
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It's amazing how much fat kitties put on during the winter.
Torao and Leo are quite bit heavier than they were in the summer.
I guess this is their way of weathering the cold temperature.
I wonder 100% house cat would go through this phase?

Look at this photos below. They don't look like same cat at all.

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Mrs. Kazy, you really need your own website like the one Julie had. I enjoy your updates on the little ones. I'm sure you will end up with many fans if you do. Keep doing what you are doing and God bless!
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New intruder!
I have seen this cat in cat cam few times before. I think Torao came face to face with him last week. We heard Torao really mad and chasing him out.

I let Torao out around 9:30am this morning. Then I notice him sniffing and sniffing around the cat house. I knew he is smelling some intruder…. Then I check the camera footage. Sure enough, that intruder is still in the cat house!! It looks like he went in there around 5am and stayed there entire time!!

I was going to close up the entry way and catch him to make sure he is fixed. But he managed to ran away.

I don't think he is stray, but I don't know for sure. I don't think 100% feral would spend the time napping in there knowing the place belongs to other cats who didn't welcome him.
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I wonder Torako is turning in to an indoor cat?
She has been staying inside longer and longer these days. She never goes out first thing in the morning anymore.
I am back to work for 2 months contract and let kitties out around 7:30am now. So far, Torako has not gone out in the morning. When I come home around 4:30, she goes out, but comes back in by 7:30pm.

I guess some kitties loose interest in outside as they age. I wonder cold outside is becoming too much for Torako. She will be 4 years old this year.

My mom's cat turned in to 100% indoor by herself after age 8.
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Torao has been staying outside since Sunday.
He comes to the door, but does not come inside.
After 3 days, he finally reluctantly came inside last night.
But he was pretty tense. I was able to pet him a little, but he was still not at ease.
In cat room, Torako was looking outside and I could tell she did find something out there. Immediately, Torao started to hiss and growl at Torako. He kept doing so for a while. I just couldn’t figure out what was happening to him.
Is he sensing something? Is it the intruder cat?
I checked the CatCam footage and sure enough that intruder cat was there right around the time when Torao was growling.
Has Torao been staying outside to defend our yard? Why does that intruder cat keep coming back?
I don't think he is feral. But I don't know for sure. I even don't know if it's he or she…
I wonder he is looking for mate? I haven't seen Puff this year. May be this intruder drove Puff away? Why does this intruder keep coming despite of Torao's warning. They did came face to face few times and Torao was really mad every time.
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Originally Posted by Kazy View Post

I checked the CatCam footage and sure enough that intruder cat was there right around the time when Torao was growling.
Has Torao been staying outside to defend our yard? Why does that intruder cat keep coming back?
I don't think he is feral. But I don't know for sure. I even don't know if it's he or she…
I wonder he is looking for mate? I haven't seen Puff this year. May be this intruder drove Puff away? Why does this intruder keep coming despite of Torao's warning. They did came face to face few times and Torao was really mad every time.

I'm thinking your intruder cat may have been dumped or a lost cat that sees your cat house as a good and safe place to sleep.

It would probably be a good idea to trap and spay/neuter if you can.
It seems that cat is trying to be accepted into your little colony. Somehow, some way those fur kids in need have a way of knowing who to come to for help.

I remember when someone told me welcome to the dozen club. I now have 16 indoor/outdoor, two always outdoor and one in my mother-in-llaw's house I care for.

I am always telling people that I know that I do have a few that would make good companions, but it seems they are meant to stay with me. I love 'em all and do the best I can for them, as we all do.
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Thanks Tru.
I thought about catching him, but hasn't done so yet…

Since 2008 season, we had total of 3 intruders. First one was Puff, the daddy. (I think he is the father of Torako and Torao). Then Sox in 2009 and then Spot, the current one.
Puff has been visiting every mating season. He was even seen during the day time. Every time he visited our yard, he made sure to spray. Once I caught him spraying on our outside grill. I immediately went out and rubbed wet substance on my finger and smelled it. (Yea, I know it's yucky, but I was just curious.) It smelled kind of bitter and didn't smell like urine at all. I haven't seen him this season yet, though.
Spot doesn't seem to spray. But I only see him through CatCam and I don't know where else he has been.

We tried to catch both Puff and Sox, but were unsuccessful. Even when food was out all night, they didn't visit regularly. After few weeks, Sox stopped coming. Much later, I saw Sox in front of the house few blocks down. I think Sox was a house cat. I know for sure Puff is a feral by the looks of him. I think Spot is also a house cat. He visits very irregularly. Sometimes there is no footage of him for 2 weeks and then he was repeatedly caught by CatCam few nights in row.

I wonder, sometimes kitties decides to visit unknown territory and discover interesting stuff. Then keeps visiting new found land...

I am reluctant to put the trap out this time because raccoons visit our yard also.
I have no intention of trapping raccoons since doing so and relocating them is illegal in my county.
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It's still unseasonably cooler here but day time temperature is getting warmer. Spring is almost here…
Then, Torao decided to not to come in every night.
Once he didn't come inside for 3 days. I was assuming he decided to defend the yard from the intruders. I saw opossum and raccoon stealing kitty food at dusk. Spot was visiting often.

When he finally came inside after few days, I have noticed not yet healed scar on his back. I wonder he has been fighting for his territory? Scar was not swollen or anything, but I could imagine it was.
Even though he didn't come inside, he often came by the door to eat and looked inside. He didn't show the sign of pain either.

When Leo was bitten by opossum 2 years ago, he rushed right in to the house in the morning. I wish Torao would do the same. That way, when he needs medical attention, I can take him to the vet. When he is outside, he would not let me touch him or catch him.

I haven't seen Spot for few days now, but raccoon is still around. Plus, once section of our cedar fence broke off and it's wide open now.

It's raining hard tonight and pretty chilly. I hope Torao will come in...
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It's April here but unseasonably cold!
We are having a lot of rainy day and kitties are basically doing eat + sleep cycle.
We had little sun break yesterday.
Torako was all excited and caught 2 birds!
What worries me is that she seems to eat them. I mean, gobble up the whole thing with feathers.

I am sure she has been doing this and her body won't able to digest feathers and would make her throw up eventually.
I see vomit with rodent and bird remain mixed in once in a while.

My friend's kitty needed emergency treatment for plugged intestine. He is 100% house cat, but has a bad habit of eating plastic bags and strings. My friend said it was obvious that his butt area was swollen.
For entire treatment, she ended up spending $1000. Yikes.

I am lucky my kitties are very healthy. But seeing Torako gobble up the bird makes me worry about her having same issue…
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All of your cats are so pretty. And I especially like Konne. She looks my feral Dixie. I have a family of ferals living outside. I still have to try to trap one more who is quite reclusive. Anyway, I am sure your girl will be fine with eating the whole bird, feathers and all. And she will vomit if she can't digest those feathers. I have been lucky too with having healthy cats, so far Hope your kitties stay healthy and they are all beautiful.
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If you do want to put a trap out to TNR the "intruders," if you trap a raccoon, all you have to do is open the trap. We used to trap raccoons and possums all the time. No need to relocate them, just release them. They won't attack you, they just want out of there!
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I can't believe it's middle of April. Our daytime high temp has been 10 degrees below normal. It was 36 degrees this morning.
Nonetheless, I have been brushing kitties. They are shedding their winter coat.
Torako is still crazy about birds. But yesterday, she brought little moll from somewhere.

Thanks for your comment, Ferlvr and LDG!
I don't see Spot the intruder anymore. I wonder where he went. I think he was looking for mate. I remember last year that Puff was showing up around the same time and stopped coming by May. I have not seen Puff this year. I guess Spot took over his place.
Raccoons and Opossums are still regular visitor. Cat cam doesn't catch them all the time but I know they are around. Raccoons like digging for their food. I always see some spot dug up by them.

We are tired of this cold weather. I hope Spring would come to Northwest soon.
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It has been so very unusually cold here in Illinois as well. Just crazy, this morning there was snow and still about thirty degrees. My outdoor ferals seem very hungry these last two days, so I have put out alot more warm food for them. Can't wait for Spring to truly arrive here.

It is strange how some cats will come and go like Puff and Spot. I am sure they are out roaming... Yakky the big grey tomcat has disappeared as well. I have had no luck with trapping him. He is the last one that needs TNRing.
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Tulips and other flowers are filling out garden but weather is still on the cool side.

I have been using Shed Buster to groom our kitty. It is interesting that each kitties have different fur type.
Leo seems to have most fluffy fur hiding on his slim looking body. His fur is not puffy, but has a lot of cotton like winter fur hiding. Torako's fur looks puffy, but I can't get as much as Leo. Torao's fur looks more like Leopard fur. It is sleek and smooth. I can't get much of his fur either. Thus I don't brush him that often.

Kitties shed no matter what. Some people say it is not nice to brush off their fur. I don't agree. (any opinion?) If I don't brush excess fur, then they end up licking them and throwing up fur balls.
I think it is important to brush them well, especially during the spring time.

I sometimes feel they may be suffering the drastic change of weather. When weather suddenly turns from sunny 70 degrees to rainy 50 degrees just in 24 hours, I feel stressed. I am sure kitties are feeling the same.
At least heater in the cat house is still ON.
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Nice to see your update!!!!! Of course brushing the loose and shedding hair out of our cats is good for them. Otherwise, they groom and ingest all of that Spring hair and those terrible hairball issues begin. I brush and use the furminator on my cats at least once or twice a week during the Spring shedding season. Usually only about five minutes each. Nice and quick and then they always get a Temptations treat, their fav.

Talking about weather again. Last weekend it was in the NINETIES and then Monday low fifties. I just think the outside feral's are so adjusted to living outside and adapting to the weather extremes that it is not a problem for them. They seem to know exactly how to take care of themselves. I bet they know when the weather is changing way before us and the weather reporters too, for that matter
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Thanks for your comment, Feralvr. I guess most of country is having unusually cold weather this spring. We are planning to visit Yellowstone this summer. However, they are still having plenty of snow now. (unusual).

We are projected to have few days of sunny and warm days. We may even hit 70 degrees on Friday!
Last night, Torako and Leo came inside. It was nice during the daytime, but evening still hits below 50 degrees.
In the middle of the night, I work up hearing Torako trying to scratch door knob. (My daughter taught her this trick long time ago and she does this every time she wants to go out of cat room to go outside.) I got up and let her out. But didn't bother to let Leo out.
This morning, Leo was meowing desperately. My daughter (her room is next to cat room) said Leo kept meowing ever since Torako was out. I didn't hear it. I must be sleeping pretty good. I hope my husband didn't hear it. He gets very upset when cat disturbs him in any way.

There must be something going on in the yard last night. I wonder Torao brought bunny or something again?
I don't think I will wait for kitties to come in tonight. I am tired of letting them out in the middle of the night….
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Oh those darn hubby's . Cats can be so persistant... I have those lever door knobs on all of my door in my house. And Perkins is a taller, leaner cat with long legs. He reaches up and pulls on the lever door knob and it makes that annoying thunk, boing-boing noise. He tries to open up the door. It is so annoying that we have to let him in whatever room he is wishing. Sounds like Torako and Leo are very happy kitties
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We are back to cooler weather again and snow level is dropping down to 6000 feet! Yikes!
We have camping trip planed out for the 4 day weekend, but may not happen.

Starting few days ago, I noticed slight scent in my yard.

The smell of decomposing flesh.

It is slight, but I definitely smell it. I suspect kitties brought something and it's dead body is somewhere.
I have looked around but can't quite pin point it.
I am NOT going through cat tunnels under the bushes.

I guess I have to let nature take care of it and hope for the smell to go away soon.
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