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I let Torao out on Monday morning. But he has been coming inside every night! Thus, there is no missed dose of antibiotics.
It looks like he is little more bolder inside the house. Yesterday, he was downstairs and trying to tell me something. Leo was not yet inside, so I thought he was waiting for him. But he kept staying downstairs even after Leo was in. I wonder what he wanted….? He liked playing with DaBird night before at stair way. I wonder he wanted playtime again?

It is miserable day today. Raining hard and cold. Both boys still went out but Torako refused. I brought her down and opened the door in front of her. She turned around and walked back upstairs! I hope she is behaving OK in the house.
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Wow! I just finished reading this entire thread. What a time you have been through. I am so happy to see that your kitties like being inside now. Your heatbreak in the begining was hard to read, I am glad you and the kitties are better now. I love that you have continued the thread for so long. I will keep coming back to read it as long as you keep posting in it. I love hearing about your kitties. Kudos to you for all you have done to help them be comfortable both inside and out. You are an awsome kitty momma!
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Thanks ink.
I don't have much ups and downs with kitties anymore, but I will keep writing if this will benefit and encourage others. Kitties DO understand human's indentations. That's why our kitties are the way they are ...
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Little bragging to do….
Torao was on antibiotic for about 1 week. Few days ago, he came inside at night, but wanted to go back outside again. What's the harm for missing one dose? I decided to let him out. Skipping morning does is no big deal…
But I decided to give him pill in side of cheese ball anyway in the morning and he swallowed it good!
Ever since, I don't force him chees (pill) ball anymore. I give him little chees ball and he chews once or twice and swallows it! What a good kitty he is! May be he knows chees ball is to cure his bladder issue? (I did send message about that many times at the beginning).
We only have few days worth of pills left. I don't think he would miss any dose.

Day light saving time ended and outside gets darker sooner. Kitties are coming in earlier now. Torako seems to like staying inside more than staying out. She goes out in the morning and comes in as soon as we come home around 4 pm. She sometimes doesn't want to go out in the morning either. But I force to let her out. Once She turned around at the open door. I didn't force her that time. She eventually wants to go out when it's warmer or rain is stopped.
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I'm happy to hear that Torao is taking his medicine so well now. Sounds like Torako would prefer to be an inside cat more than an inside/outside cat,LOL.
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Our kitties had Turkey for turkey day! I wonder turkey make them sleepy also. After eating turkey, they just went to their room and slept. Leo usually comes down at night and asks for play time, but he was just tired.

FancyFeast was on sale at Costco, so I got a lot of them. I use to feed FancyFeast, but switched to AristoCat while ago. One thing I noticed this time was that FancyFeast seems to have more solid compared to Arestocat. AristoCat has more liquid! Maybe FancyFeast is better stuff after all?
Also, Torao prefers dry and he is not a big fan of wet food. But he was eating FancyFeast! Something must be different. I have tried many different “better†wet foods, but our cats don’t really care for them.
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I enjoy this thread! Keep writing.
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It's been long time!
My account was locked up by accident and I was unable to post anything.

Our kitties are doing well.
Torako comes inside first right after it's dark outside.
Leo stays in the yard and sometimes waits for Torao there. Then they come inside by 7PM.
It looks like they come inside earlier when it's cold. They come later when it's mild outside.

I hope they continue to come inside even when day gets longer and outside gets warmer...
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It's nearly 10PM and it's still 50 degrees! I know the rest of the country is having snow storm. Here in the Puget sound area is like Spring! My tulips are coming out already.

Leo and Torao are still outside. It was raining heavy all day long and they must have spent most of their daytime inside of their cat house. Torako didn't bother to go out today.

My daughter always says "they are at Nyaraoke (Karaoke) box!" or "attending neighborhood cat meeting". I always wonder how far they go.
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Torako came home abound 8pm but chose to go in to cat house immediately rather than coming inside.
I wonder why??
I called few times but she didn't come out.
I waited 1.5 hours, but ended up opening the cat house.
I guess she was just taking nap there. I brought her inside anyway.

Again, I become impatient when change happens. I should have waited until she came out by herself.

Tora has been doing good. But he will not let me touch him anywhere else except inside of cat room.
I wish it becomes easier as time go by…

I have plan to go on vacation for 2 weeks in June. I would like to take all three of them to the cat boarding place. If Torao stops coming inside as weather get warmer, it may become difficult to catch him. I do not want to leave him alone.
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Puff sighting!
All kitties were enjoying the sun on top of patio table. My daughter and I were sitting inside. Then I have noticed different cat eating out of the dish right by the sliding door.
At first we thought that was Torami, (missing Tora sister) but took a better look at it and it was Puff. I don’t think female cat would spray, or do they?
Puff was much bigger but looked smaller and thin this time. Or our cats are big and fat??

First Leo noticed and then Torako. Then Torao got up and followed him. Puff went out of the gate with out any incident. He must be a very brave cat to come steal food right in front of three cats. Or, he must have been very hungry.

This is the 4th year in row to see him visit our yard. I guess our neighbor hood has enough fresh kill to make him survive. I wonder how Konne and Torami are doing…
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It was full moon and very warm yesterday. We went up to 65 degrees.
We had cooler days that this in August and July last year.

There must be something to do with full moon and cats. They always go out and don't come back until late.
I happened to be up later than usual. Thus I was able to let Torako come in around 1AM. It looks like Leo and Torao didn't come back until 2:30am. That's first time since November for them to spent night outside. Leo came inside in the morning and Torao stayed in the cat house most of the day. They seemed very tired. I think they sleep best in the room.
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Wow, I second what Ink says after reading the entire thread, you are an excellent kitty momma and I just hope I get the chance to help Walter, like you have helped your kitties. Keep us updated.Well done
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We thought winter was totally over, but we are back to November weather pattern. Kitties come in when it's rainy and cold outside. But sometimes they choose to stay out at night. I am sure more critters are out of hibernation now.
We are going out of town for 2 weeks in June. I made reservation with very nice cat boarding place. I have no problem catching Leo and Torako even if they didn't come inside. Torao is different story.
He does not let me touch him outside. But he totally melts once he is inside and he sometimes calls me to demand petting.
I kept sending him vision of the situation. If he doesn't come inside everyday with other kitties, he will be left alone in the yard; all humans and kitties are gone and he would be lonely. I am sure he got my vision. Ever since, he always comes in. When he didn't come in, that was when other 2 didn't come in. I hope this trend continues and he would understand.

When Torao comes inside, sometimes he demands Leo to come to him. He meows and meows to call him. Leo often ignores him. There was once Torao was meowing right in front of him to come with him. But Leo pretended that he was sleeping. Torao is still insecure inside. Probably he is insecure outside also. That's why he is not fully open. But he is much better than 1 year ago. Whenever he is inside, He demands belly rub and he comes to me for petting. Occasionally, he comes downstairs to look for me. (He comes down to look for Leo often, though.)

My goal right now is to take all 3 kitties to the boarding place together and no one is left behind.
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Torako is in to hunting lately. She catches something almost every other day. Today, I saw her catching a little bird. Then she ate the entire thing!
I knew she sometimes does this and ends up vomiting most of it. I don't think beak and feathers digest very well.
She catches rodents, too, but never eats them. I wonder if birds taste better? The other day, she brought little mole. It was kicking and alive. As soon as it stopped moving, she lost her interest.
Leo and Torao catch rodents sometimes, but not as determined as Torako. I wonder hunting urge runs stronger in Torako since she is female?

Weather here is very strange. We had almost summer like weather then go back to November weather.
I just brushed all kitties when we had summer day. As expected, a lot of winter coat came off. Then, weather became November again. I wonder if kitties are feeling cooler with all winter coat gone. Or do they quickly come back on demand?
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In mid June, we are going out of town for 3 weeks. I have arranged to take my kitties to the cat hotel.
Kitties want to stay out all night more and more. But I think Torao will come inside for my love once in a while even when other kitties are out. If Leo comes inside, he would come with him. I just hope I would be able to take all 3 kitties to the hotel. If worth comes to worth, I need to lock Torao up in the room for few days.

Last night Leo and Torako came inside right about when I was about to go to bed. They came in, so I played with them a little and lock them up in the cat room. Around 3am, I start hearing Torako trying to turn the door knob. That managed to wake both my husband and I up. My hubby was not happy about that at all. My daughter taught Torako how door opens by turning the door knob. Ever since, Torako scratches the door knob. So far she has never been able to open it, though.

We are having summer day today. I will not wait for kitties to come. I left plenty of food out there. Rainy cooler day is coming on Monday. I am sure they will come inside then.
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First bunny of the season!
It's been unseasonably cold in Seattle area. That's why kitties didn't bring bunny until now.
I knew right away that they brought bunny because of the sound of bunny hissing.
They are really in to hunting this past few days.
Yesterday, Torako caught a bird. Then, Leo and Torao were chasing mouse up to our cherry tree. Here is the picture of Torao trying to catch his mouse in the tree. Mouse is on the limb at far left.

He looks like Cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland". (LOL)

Then following day, they brought bunny.
It was shortly after my daughter's return from her 2 night school camp. She said kitties brought home her welcome gift.

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All kitties are inside the cat room tonight!
Weather has been terrible around here and cats have been coming inside every night this week.
They are going to cat hotel tomorrow. (http://www.cat-spaw.com/)
They will be in the Family suite. This place is pretty far from where I live, but cheaper for multiple kitties and room is much bigger. Owner is a vet technician, too. I am taking bunch of my kitties belongings. I hope they would feel at home...
Rest of my human family are excited for Japan trip coming up on 12th, but I am too anxious about our kitties field trip.
After I drop them off, I would be able to get excited about my own trip. (LOL)
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Kitties are safely in kitty boarding place and we are in Japan now.
My daughter and I visited kitties day after I dropped them off.

They seemed little scared but seems to be adopting fine. Torao seemed scared most. Torako was least scared. She seems to be very curious.

I miss them terribly. But they are in safe place and I am so thankful that everything worked out.
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WOW that is some journey you've been on with your cats. They are beautiful. I was so worried reading the beginning of this thread... now I feel much better knowing that they decided to keep you as their mom!
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Originally Posted by Kazy View Post

First bunny of the season!
It's been unseasonably cold in Seattle area. That's why kitties didn't bring bunny until now.
I knew right away that they brought bunny because of the sound of bunny hissing.
They are really in to hunting this past few days.
Yesterday, Torako caught a bird. Then, Leo and Torao were chasing mouse up to our cherry tree. Here is the picture of Torao trying to catch his mouse in the tree. Mouse is on the limb at far left.

He looks like Cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland". (LOL)


I love reading about you and your fur kids adventures.
That picture with Torao and the mouse in the tree is quite amazing. I'm wondering how you managed to get that shot?
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Thanks, MBTee and Tru.
That picture was through kitchen window. I didn't notice about mouse when I took picture of Torao.
Later on, I ended up catching the mouse in the tree and then realize it was in the picture, too.
I try to have my camera handy to catch moment like this.
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We are back home!
We were gone for 2 weeks and our yard is full of flowers. My vegetable garden was over grown.
Also, bunny took residence while we were gone and noticed more birds were hanging around in the yard. I need to work on my yard rest of this week.

We picked up our kitties this morning. They seem to be very happy. I released them in to the cat room, then they went outside. They are quite vocal now. They seem to call each other and when they come back from patrol, they meow to let others know their presence. Leo just kept meowing for our attention, too.

I am wondering about bunny's fate. It's adult bunny and I don't think cats would be able to catch him.
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We found bunny nest in our yard.
Day after kitties return, little bunnies left their nest. Bunnies leave their nest in 15 days. Thus mama bunny must have her babies right after kitties were gone. Our yard is perfect for them with plenty of flowers and vegetables growing near by. There is no predators except for crows.

We were alerted by bunnies cry. Kitties were surrounding a little one hidden in the bush. We found 2 more that way. It looked like kitties didn't know what to do at first. They usually bring them from somewhere. But they are abundant in their own yard! I saw a little bunny trying to jump up to the rock wall and kitties were just watching. I showed a baby bunny to Leo's face and he run away. (LOL)

We caught total of 4 bunnies. I noticed crows were really noisy and active on the day when bunnies were around. I am sure some of them were eaten by them.
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Leo is missing since Friday night.
We were gone for weekend camping trip. When we got home, Leo was no where. I checked camera footage and Leo was last seen on Friday night.
Through out camping trip, I tried to think of him, but I didn't pick up any major distress.
Somehow, I got the sense that he was OK. When I meditated to send him picture of us looking for him, first thing it came to my mind was somebody saying "I know…".
I wasn't sure if he was stuck somewhere and can't come home. But somehow I was not as worried as other times.

I had Hillary the animal communicator contact him today. Yes, many of you thinks this is hocus pocus. My husband was not happy about this stuff either. He thinks it's OK to spend money on his car toys and modifications but not for this kind of "service". I am a firm believer of this stuff. I have read many books and attended workshop. This does work. This does work especially with your own animals. This time, it was kind of confirmed by Hillary. She told me Leo is OK, but he was bitten by either a spider or a snake (Hillary thinks it's spider) and he was freaked out. Thus he is hiding under the bushes in the neighborhood. He could hear me calling and he knows we are home now. Other kitties seem to know where Leo is. Torao seems to be trying to make him come over to our yard by mewing. Hillary thinks Leo would come back eventually. I hope he would come home soon.

For now, I only can trust my gut feeling and wait. I did little search but didn't want to disturb our neighbors.
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I really hope Leo is ok and returns home soon. I know he has been the glue that kind of kept your other kitties with you and he is such a beautiful good boy.

My prayers go out to you and your fur kids that you will all be reunited quickly.

You are such a wonderful mom to them. Maybe you could just ask the neighbors if you could look around their bushes and such.

Best to you.
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Leo is home!

Catcam caught him eating early Wednesday morning, but he didn't show until Thursday late afternoon.
We came home around 5PM and he was in the yard! Torao seems very happy and buttering up to him and following him everywhere.
Leo lost little weight, but looked fine. He seems more tense but slowly coming back to himself.
For the first time, I see him kneading when he purrs. He must be feeling very safe at home.

I wonder if he is coming inside or choose to stay outside tonight...

Thanks, everyone!
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Originally Posted by Kazy View Post
Leo is home!
I'm so glad to hear he is home. I bet he was very happy to see you too. Shower that boy with love and kisses from all of us too.
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Kitties are in to hunting. I see them bringing something every night. They mostly bring little mouse. One day, we saw a mouse climbing on top of bush to escape kitties. It may have been terrible thing to do, but I had to catch it and give to them. Our house use to have mouse infestation. Thus I have no mercy to them.
Here is the video of them playing. Torako basically plays with live mouse like a toy.
(is there any way to embed video here? If any of you know how, please let me know.)
After mouse stops moving, they both walk away. Torako still acts like a kitten.
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Leo meets Raccoon.

We were gone camping for 4 nights. While we are gone, we left food in the cat house. Then, out of nowhere, raccoon shows up. I wonder they could smell the food inside of cat house? We haven't seen them this summer until now. (I was monitoring this through catcam via internet while I had access to it.)
They were smaller size raccoons and they went in and out of cat house. They were clawing the insulation inside of the house and made a big mess all over the place.
It was difficult to know if there were total of three raccoons. Once I could tell there were 2 together. The other time it looked like there was only one.

They stopped coming back after coming face to face with Leo.

Yes, they look cute, but they do a lot of mischief. There was posting in the camp ground saying they even know how to open the cooler!

I was hoping they were gone for good, but I encounter them face to face last night. I chased them and threw a rock at them. There was no food out there anymore. They should know better...
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